Nine Clouds (Get Well Soon, Alice)

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A little bird has told me Alice isn't too well at the moment. I hope you're well on the road to recovery - you can't leave us!

A surprisingly tough track from WikiLoop's resident vocal, lyric and composition maestro. On the surface, I felt something of a latin approach would work well. Perhaps a rhumba, calypso or bossa. On playing through, I whatever I tried just didn't work in the choruses - it was messy and clumsy-sounding. Maybe I'm suffering from a massive lack of imagination or something. In the end, something akin to a tight reggae beat seemed to sit best; a dead-straight, half-time backbeat through all that glorious percussion, with a more gentle bossa in the verses.

Other mistake was using my Ludwig snare. Too snappy for this track IMO. Oh well.

I'm not convinced by this performance so I'll let the 'Loops decide my fate on this one.

Anyway, get well soon, Alice. We miss you!

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February 17 2016 08:27:11
kennyadrykennyadry Great take on this one Martin! So bossa that fits so well. You managed to have a great syncopation with the percussion. :)

February 16 2016 07:07:19
aleonzaleonz Aww what a sweet gift, I feel so much better to found this wonderful drums track that accompany me through this song Martin!

I hear it again and again this afternoon, that last part sounds so great! Love it so much...

Thank you for the wishing, this track really put a big smile to my face, still trying to back on my music, but I think i need just a little time to pull all my energy back to this body :) thank you very much martin!

+1 February 16 2016 13:09:10 aleonzmpointon
You're welcome, Alice and I'm glad you liked it.

Get well soon!
February 16 2016 04:37:35
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect Martin:)

February 16 2016 02:57:55
PsychoPsycho Busy man... and I like it :)

February 16 2016 02:27:03
AlbyAlby So Cool!!

February 15 2016 23:59:10
OliVBeeOliVBee cool song :)

February 15 2016 21:50:28
ShiShi this has summer written all over it and the only clouds have a silver lining for sure....lovely latin feeling here :) and yes, get well soon Alice :)

February 15 2016 21:39:02
TofzegritTofzegrit I do not agree for the snare! It sounds good.
Super po po ta po po ta ... Shake. Shake
Nice first one my frid (I mean for this evening!!)

February 15 2016 21:25:30
GlezBassGlezBass So nice drumming pop/bossa track, very good job...fingers to my fretboards bass...
+2 February 15 2016 22:34:19 GlezBassmpointon
I look forward to it, Glez! :)
February 15 2016 21:23:32
pklieschpkliesch Performance fits absolutely great, Martin! Perfect Sound and playin' :)


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