...An die Natur...

Remix step #6 (playing)


rp3drums374 jams Supporter
+ 18
had this on the shelf awhile...just got back from Rome, this song reminds me of Europe, is it just the title? Anyway what a great jam all the way around...cheers!



April 03 2016 19:17:24
UloisiusUloisius wonderful add rp ;o)

February 17 2016 23:30:39
frenziefrenzie Yep really cool song and drums! :)

February 17 2016 21:55:59
JeF31JeF31 Wow! Magnifique!

February 17 2016 18:20:20
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

February 17 2016 17:51:21
RockzillaRockzilla This is REALLY good :)

February 17 2016 15:31:31
GlezBassGlezBass Excellent drumming friend, improvement and percussion rounded off the jam
+1 February 17 2016 16:55:44 GlezBassrp3drums
thanks, so nice and easy to follow your solid bass line...
February 17 2016 13:35:08
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk very cool drumming and hall sound total good on the drum
+1 February 17 2016 16:55:19 @FreshFunkrp3drums
thanks, and happy you recognize my recording sound...been working on getting a pro drum sound! not so easy...
February 17 2016 08:01:25
LieschingLiesching Great drumming! Rome is one of the most beautiful cities! Need to visit soon again! Thanks for this recollection, rp! :)
+1 February 17 2016 16:54:17 Lieschingrp3drums
your welcome, already want to go back and eat the great food!
February 17 2016 07:36:18
UloisiusUloisius Thanks for the great drums rp. it's the final touch that has been missing ;o)
+1 February 17 2016 16:53:49 Uloisiusrp3drums
thanks, love the end of this song when your vocals come in. I try and make the drums fit the music, not force them on the song...
February 17 2016 07:27:36
TofzegritTofzegrit Good inspiration to join this symphony on drums! And good issue Ray!
That's cool and fits perfect

+1 February 17 2016 16:52:38 Tofzegritrp3drums
thanks, fantastic song and great guitar playing!

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