+ 11
Hopping aboard the cool Richy-Alice-Peixe-Glez train of lovely bossa-ness.
Added a flugel solo in the middle and dabblings in the beginning and end.


October 02 2016 08:41:48
LizanderforuLizanderforu Super ;)

March 03 2016 00:11:58
ToulGuitarToulGuitar All is very sensitive. Nice lyrics too.

February 18 2016 07:51:08
onewholeftonewholeft Love it great addition

February 18 2016 03:42:51
PedersenPedersen Nice addition! you sure hit the feel of the whole song mate. good job.
+1 February 18 2016 14:47:08 Pedersenjaz100
Thank you Pedersen! So sorry I missed your name on my notes up top. I'm going to go check out your other loops. Wonderful drums here! I just loved playing on this mellow but rock-solid groove.
February 18 2016 16:22:59 PedersenPedersen
It's all good. Well, sure! check them out! maybe you will like them!

But.. i kinda doubt it, most of my tracks are usually metal as hell, raw sonic violence! :P
February 17 2016 15:37:47
GlezBassGlezBass Excellent flugelhorn jaz100, the sound and melodyc line is absolutly pro, good job!

February 17 2016 13:35:54
PhénolPhénol Superbe !
Moi qui voulais faire de la trompette... you please me :D

+1 February 17 2016 15:02:40 Phénoljaz100
Thank you Phénol!
February 17 2016 13:18:55
PeixePeixe Good vibes you brought. Great add!
+1 February 17 2016 15:02:59 Peixejaz100
Thank you Peixe, your playing is superb.
February 17 2016 11:04:19
titititi Bravo Monsieur Jeff !
+1 February 17 2016 15:03:15 titijaz100
Thank you titi!
February 17 2016 10:34:50
aleonzaleonz Ah what a great feeling to hear you on this song, really love every line you lay on this track J! thank you !
+1 February 17 2016 15:05:26 aleonzjaz100
Thank YOU Alice! Your singing here is a magic carpet ride through velvet clouds of meditative memories. Beautiful track.

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