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Remix step #4 (playing)


Funkystan120 jams Supporter
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Great bass add from Carp' which allowed me to discover this jam.
Drumshticks great template then Danalize45 pro blues riff add.
I didn't want to add something but just participate in what we call in French "un boeuf" (jam session).
I'm not a good blues player and I've quickly understood that the best way not to mess too much the jam was to stay back, to stick as far as possible on Dan's (two guitars) play and to find my different sound.
Challenging task ^^
Telecaster, Mic. take, Bass Amp, filtering Wha pedal stays on mid-pos., tube screamer, comp. and reverb.
This comes to a dirty nervy sound, sorry for this guys ^^
While playing I was feeling like playing in a bar, wondering when a sexy waitress would come and lay a beer on top of my amp^^
Thanks for this, I owe you a beer guys ;-)


February 26 2016 23:20:30
Cool jam! :)
+0 February 27 2016 01:01:03 frenzie Funkystan
Fun Jam yep Thanks ^^
February 17 2016 17:47:21
Awesome addition and great jamming with you :) send that waitress my way next? :) :)
+1 February 17 2016 18:25:32 Danalyze45 Funkystan
Hey Dan... I did this in a Jam spirit... I feel relieved that you consider this as not that bad... If I come around to the US I guess a good jam with you could attract more than a waitress... Anyway, I owe you a beer ;-)
February 17 2016 22:19:19 Danalyze45 Danalyze45
Not that bad...I thought it was great :)
February 17 2016 17:08:56
Your Telly sounds really great on this jam, Stan! Cool, raunchy bar music.
Very good mix from you, too. Some vocals would be very cool now...maybe in French... ;)

+0 February 17 2016 17:21:32 Carpenter Funkystan
Thanks Carp',this is your fault anyway ;-)... I've used your mix and your bassline would need to be hightlited on this... Raunchy French vocals add Lol... Why not a German vocals add? ^^
February 17 2016 20:38:58 Carpenter Carpenter
hmm.. German vocals....Uloisius is good in doing this ;)
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