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Somehow got a time create a new tune after a week of work overload. It's time to reward myself of some spending time with my guitars :) These are some kinda simple chords hopefully can add to it! ADD ANYTHING!


Kenny's sound definitely! Keep it going :D+1
February 18 2016 03:39:59
kennyadry Thanks a lot Riky! :) +0
Superb template! Great sound and chord progression! Fantastic job Kenny! :)+1
February 18 2016 03:39:29
kennyadry Thank u so much Stef! :) +0
Super great funky Hitsong! :)+1
February 18 2016 03:39:06
kennyadry Thanks a lot Frenzie! :) +1
Fantastic creation Kenny... amazing what you do with that guitar :) And a great mixing job too !!+1
February 18 2016 03:38:36
kennyadry Thanks a lot Bruce! I had a great sparetime to be able to be able mix well so I think that's great :) +1
A M A Z A W E S O M A Z I N G !
it is so well done that I can hear a whole band playing here !
Kenny, my Golden Guitar God
February 18 2016 03:36:49
kennyadry Uncle!! Thanks a lot, I was imagining if a band joining when doing this, hopefully it wud be a real band soon! +1
I agree with Tof.... Especially an ENORMOUS bass !!!+1
February 18 2016 03:35:06
kennyadry Glad you like it Furlano! Thanks a lot! +0
Superb, Kenny! Like Tof, I can already hear what to play and what else should follow!

What a fantastic happy track. Like U2 but not crap. Although if anyone wants to pay to have my hat flown to me on a 747, let me know... ;)
February 18 2016 03:32:39
kennyadry Haha!! Man I can't pay you and I dont know if someone will but go let your hat fly on a 747 :) +0
Mannnnn! you killing meeeee! this is so cool my awesome brother! you never stop to amaze me Kenny! I miss to jammmmmmm+1
February 18 2016 03:34:21
kennyadry Thank you so much great sis! Get well soon! +1
February 18 2016 05:53:41
aleonz Thank you Kenny :) +0
This is nothing short of brilliant Kenny ! :)+1
February 18 2016 03:33:27
kennyadry Thank you so much Rob! :) +1
Great Kenny!+1
February 18 2016 08:04:46
kennyadry Thanks a lot Ake :) +0

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