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Ok here i go changing my recording setup again, this time i put away my 5 string bass and used my Ibenez short scale with active pickups so i had to pre-amp out from a Peavey 300 watt combo head out to my mixer, i used the EQ on my amp to give the bass a bright punchy sound, I was trying to get that "punkish" bass sound, I know I have some fret buzz going on :)


February 19 2016 18:05:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler wow!!!Super bass ride:)

February 19 2016 16:35:42
PsychoPsycho Rock it Rock !!

February 19 2016 07:52:04
MishteriaMishteria Yeah :) nice track!

February 19 2016 06:02:41
YoWildYoWild Yess this sounds punk a lot! Cool ad. :)
+1 February 19 2016 06:12:43 YoWildRockzilla
Thanks man, GREAT track to jam on, a lot of fun :D
February 19 2016 06:25:29 YoWildYoWild
Yess man its youngsters game. Positive N reckless.
This track i guess its guitar with no bass sounds attempt. Like playing on shit 8" 1speaker amp. Cool for bass guitar due, can hear ewrything. Now i get a bass N i see what's what... :D
February 19 2016 05:15:09
KeitonKeiton Cool Rockzilla :)
+1 February 19 2016 05:24:06 KeitonRockzilla
thanks Keiton :) glad you think it's cool
February 19 2016 04:56:37
DannyKDannyK Great sound. The fret buzz works right into the style!
+1 February 19 2016 05:25:41 DannyKRockzilla
Thanks Danny, it's not perfect but it sure as heck was fun to rock out to
February 19 2016 04:56:01
schwaglrschwaglr Not sure what I like better, the sounds or the title. Very clever! And it's a good bass ride, for sure!
+1 February 19 2016 05:27:29 schwaglrRockzilla
Thanks schwag :)Actually a buddy of mine plays in a green day tribute act called green dookie so i can't really take credit for the name :)
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