Damn Cancer (To all cancer patients

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Famous singer has fallen by one after another cancer recently. There has been little talk opportunities with gwailoah when I first heard this song. I must absolutely played this song. My sister is in the hospital now. Hope her recovery while I was playing this song.


February 21 2016 19:45:42

February 19 2016 17:52:57
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 February 19 2016 21:24:37 Lenny Cowler Keiton
Thank you Lenny :)
February 19 2016 16:55:07
cody trippcody tripp
+1 February 19 2016 21:24:57 cody tripp Keiton
Thank you Tom :)
February 19 2016 16:40:05
Great statement of how we suffer, great playing Kei, hope your sister will recover, wishing her, you and your family all the best , hugs!
+1 February 19 2016 21:29:59 frenzie Keiton
Of course, my sister also read your comment. You are a very heartening buddy :)
February 19 2016 22:59:46 frenzie frenzie
Give your sister my love brother in these hard times for you and your family...I feel for her...💜
February 19 2016 23:45:47 frenzie Keiton
So, we are far away and differ in nationality and ethnicity but we are the family who love the same music. Guitar strings is a roughly 6, in the world :)
February 19 2016 16:18:25
Superb Blues for a terrible disease which concerns us all.
I wish that your sister surpasses this horror !

+1 February 19 2016 21:33:06 titi Keiton
Blues is there is a sad history, I felt it through as a means to each other tell the people of feelings :) Thank you titi :)
February 19 2016 16:11:14
Well played thanks for joining and I wish your sister well and a speedy full recovery.
+1 February 19 2016 21:37:19 Rickplayer Keiton
I want to say thank you to that was started to you first great template. And I'll tell her that you hope the recovery of my sister :)
February 20 2016 03:34:07 Rickplayer Rickplayer
Welcome Keiton it's always hard to understand why people close to us seem to get things we have no control over prayers and your Sis in my thoughts
February 19 2016 16:02:32
Blessings to your sister Kei.
+1 February 19 2016 21:39:03 Relativity Keiton
Thank you so much. I'll tell her that your word :)
February 19 2016 15:25:16
Well done Kei... here's to your Sister and recovery !!!!
+1 February 19 2016 21:43:18 Psycho Keiton
Thank you Bluce. USA is a matter of course, I am inspiring received a comment from Europe and Asia too.
I'll tell her that about your feelings :)
February 19 2016 22:30:00 Psycho Psycho
You do that :)
February 19 2016 14:37:54
Great lead here Keiton, sending you positive energy for you and your sister
+1 February 19 2016 15:11:57 Rockzilla Keiton
Thank you Rockzilla:) If possible, tomorrow I want to listen to this song to my sister.
February 19 2016 13:36:49
Kei's sister is in hospital diagnosed with cancer. I asked him to add to the jam for her. All Loopers please send them your good thoughts for strength and recovery.
+1 February 19 2016 15:09:38 gwailoah Keiton
I always thing of this song was in my heart. My sister is suffering from side effects but on the mend by the anti cancer agent. I would like to thank two of them made a song. And as everyone need not be a sad thought by cancer I'm praying.
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