Can You Feel The DuckBass Beat?

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Bass chords line with little harmonics beats and FilterUp+Reverb effect for yours ideas and free instruments...DuckBass Groove...


May 04 2016 13:08:28
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr great bass and really good idea in the sound playin' :)

February 26 2016 17:26:18
mpointonmpointon Phat and phunky! Fabulous '70s cop show feel to this riffing, Glez. I can see Huggy Bear looking over his shoulder already!

February 26 2016 16:53:58
MarceysMarceys Funky and very low! Great play man!

February 21 2016 18:47:48
ZamzamZamzam I really like it.

February 20 2016 09:20:32
ToulGuitarToulGuitar Snanish groove!

February 20 2016 09:01:42
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super.:)

February 20 2016 03:36:23
RelativityRelativity Im generally (Only speaking for myself) not an envelope filter player, but gotta say it really fleshes out and makes this song into something special! Nice job , Glez. When you get somebody who isnt into a genre, style effect, whatever...because you did it well...thats what its about!Your changes were very interesting!
+1 February 20 2016 10:42:30 RelativityGlezBass
Thank R, the difference between a set of traditional touch of envelope in my opinion is that this is primarily used with single notes in a groove funk style, almost always in this mine if I do that only with the root of the chord bass but the overall sound is a chord executed within the groove and there is nothing wrong ... I never pretended well but it is pretty cool, the end result sounds good and is a little innovation as far as possible, thanks again for your comment
February 20 2016 13:21:44 RelativityRelativity
Sounds good Glez. I just never use it but you inspire me to give it a shot.
February 20 2016 13:41:40 RelativityGlezBass
Sound it´s cool and the strings touch is better... technical issues tastes ....
February 20 2016 03:22:24
bhunt1bhunt1 this is great!

February 20 2016 03:12:08
TofzegritTofzegrit O l é !
me gusta este patito !
So cool to hear it again, that's your trademark to me :)
The groove from zam² is a pertinent choice too.


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