Can You Feel The DuckBass Beat?

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Zamzam297 jams
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+ 18
Bass chords line with little harmonics beats and FilterUp+Reverb effect for yours ideas and free instruments...DuckBass Groove...


JAJAJA Mario, tenias que ser tu detras de este drum template! que sabroso suena, como le comente a alguien hace rato, para ti igual pero en otro orden, tu pones los genes de la criatura y yo construyo la cadena de ADN, esta sera the nest jam turn! abrazos amigo! :W:Y+1
November 12 2018 14:54:59
GlezBass este es mi sonido DuckBass (efecto pato !! jaja), realmente es un sonido de envelope filter jugado con acordes de bajo como una guitarra haciendo el bajo en las notas mas bajas (la deformidad de haber tocado la guitarra jajaja) , estare atento a tu jam cuando me recupere de la anterior!! +1
November 12 2018 14:57:42
GlezBass #94853 la version con Tof, algo de mis teclados, y el sopranino de Wade, es muy cool!! +0
November 12 2018 15:09:07
Jazzpick ".... estare atento a tu jam cuando me recupere de la anterior!! ...." LOL !! Como se ha reido Ana con eso jajajajaja .

Si ! suena arrechismo como decimos aqui ! voy a intentar una melodia y solo con envelope filter tambien como hice en el anterior jam, para que sea la pareja de patos jajajaja. De verdad suena encantador lo que hiciste, el pulso , esa secuencia clasica armonica y el vamp!

Ya escuche la version #94853 , muy buena! tambien me gusto el sopranino de Wade, voy a decirle a ver si quiere hacer algo en mi version, voy a dejar los espacios para otros solos. La melodia quedaria encantador con el soprano! y el apoyo de tus keys! :W :D:Y
great template!!! :)+1
February 13 2017 11:25:05
GlezBass Thanks Joao +0
francisco al
ótimo baixo em harmonia, Glez. bom trabalho+1
great bass and really good idea in the sound playin' :)+1
Phat and phunky! Fabulous '70s cop show feel to this riffing, Glez. I can see Huggy Bear looking over his shoulder already!+1
Funky and very low! Great play man!+1
I really like it.+1
Snanish groove!+1
Lenny Cowler
Im generally (Only speaking for myself) not an envelope filter player, but gotta say it really fleshes out and makes this song into something special! Nice job , Glez. When you get somebody who isnt into a genre, style effect, whatever...because you did it well...thats what its about!Your changes were very interesting!+1
February 20 2016 10:42:30
GlezBass Thank R, the difference between a set of traditional touch of envelope in my opinion is that this is primarily used with single notes in a groove funk style, almost always in this mine if I do that only with the root of the chord bass but the overall sound is a chord executed within the groove and there is nothing wrong ... I never pretended well but it is pretty cool, the end result sounds good and is a little innovation as far as possible, thanks again for your comment +2
February 20 2016 13:21:44
LeftTheLoops9-18 Sounds good Glez. I just never use it but you inspire me to give it a shot. +1
February 20 2016 13:41:40
GlezBass Sound it´s cool and the strings touch is better... technical issues tastes .... +0

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