Octopus's Swing

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It is my Gibson Marauder's birthday... 40 years old this month... So I've decided that this twice vintage old friend deserved to swing a while and both we've arranged and played a very funky playing modified/variation of what in my memory is part of a Tal Farlow's bebop theme...
This is why I called the track "Octopus's swing".
"The Octopus" was Tal Farlow's nickname because of his hands size.
Both of us my guitar and I had a break with playing during ...
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bebop jazz guitar


great playing - nice vintage tone!+0
February 21 2016 18:02:47
Funkystan Thanks bhunt... The vintage tone is there to try to complete what the play should have been able to let you hear ;-) +1
Love Tal :) nice take !+1
February 21 2016 15:51:11
Funkystan Thanks Oliv'... I love him too. I twice had the great honor and opportunity to spend some time with him. A master, musically and humanely too. My humble tribute and thought to him. +1
February 21 2016 15:58:09
OliVBee i understand better the affinity you have with him ;) (you're a lucky dude) ... as we're trying to stay out of copyright infrigment we don't post "covers" on wikiloops ... try not posting copyrighted themes or melodies ;) you have a nice swing ! +0
February 21 2016 16:02:15
Funkystan Yep, this is not a cover at all. I've just used the intro first four notes and then tried to stay in that feeling. +1
February 21 2016 16:04:20
OliVBee i know exactly what you have done hehe ... was just mentioning for future use of your wonderful template ;) +1
February 21 2016 16:12:14
Funkystan Yep Oliv' You're doing well reminded it. I've mentionned it in my presentation text. Hope some loopers will discover Tal's work through this ^^ +1
February 21 2016 16:18:35
OliVBee Tal's work is immense and absolutely worth discovering every single piece ! he was a pioneer and has influenced generations of musicians :) +1
February 21 2016 16:35:57
Funkystan He was a guitar work addict and his giant hands allowing him to do huge things (thumb etc...) He knew nothing about musical theory. he was a total intuitive player... Guess he'll influence next generations too. +1
Hey Stan;Super playing,some cool jazy riffs;):)+1
February 21 2016 15:40:22
Funkystan Thanks Pete... I love bebop, but play it properly, I've got to work on it ^^ +1
sounds cool , I like this play :)+1
February 21 2016 11:31:15
Funkystan This is just an humble step out of my comfort zone ^^ Thanks Hifi +0
Very nice - like the playing and Tal Farlow tone.+1
February 21 2016 03:30:05
Funkystan Thanks Midoru I've had the idea to explore again that universe listening to your tracks. So I'm very pleased that you like it ^^ +1

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