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It is my Gibson Marauder's birthday... 40 years old this month... So I've decided that this twice vintage old friend deserved to swing a while and both we've arranged and played a very funky playing modified/variation of what in my memory is part of a Tal Farlow's bebop theme...
This is why I called the track "Octopus's swing".
"The Octopus" was Tal Farlow's nickname because of his hands size.
Both of us my guitar and I had a break with playing during 16 years and whe are waking up here at Wiki thanks to the great musicians who jam here and highly boost me...
It's really good to live this. Many thanks Wikimates^^

Intuitive play, no click, fast tempo around 150 Bpm...
I would be happy if some of you join me on this.
Fell free to ask me to modify it if you need more space on.
I can also provide separated tracks, etc...


February 21 2016 17:47:56
bhunt1bhunt1 great playing - nice vintage tone!
+0 February 21 2016 18:02:47 bhunt1Funkystan
Thanks bhunt... The vintage tone is there to try to complete what the play should have been able to let you hear ;-)
February 21 2016 15:26:15
OliVBeeOliVBee Love Tal :) nice take !
+1 February 21 2016 15:51:11 OliVBeeFunkystan
Thanks Oliv'... I love him too. I twice had the great honor and opportunity to spend some time with him. A master, musically and humanely too. My humble tribute and thought to him.
February 21 2016 15:58:09 OliVBeeOliVBee
i understand better the affinity you have with him ;) (you're a lucky dude) ... as we're trying to stay out of copyright infrigment we don't post "covers" on wikiloops ... try not posting copyrighted themes or melodies ;) you have a nice swing !
February 21 2016 16:02:15 OliVBeeFunkystan
Yep, this is not a cover at all. I've just used the intro first four notes and then tried to stay in that feeling.
February 21 2016 16:04:20 OliVBeeOliVBee
i know exactly what you have done hehe ... was just mentioning for future use of your wonderful template ;)
February 21 2016 16:12:14 OliVBeeFunkystan
Yep Oliv' You're doing well reminded it. I've mentionned it in my presentation text. Hope some loopers will discover Tal's work through this ^^
February 21 2016 16:18:35 OliVBeeOliVBee
Tal's work is immense and absolutely worth discovering every single piece ! he was a pioneer and has influenced generations of musicians :)
February 21 2016 16:35:57 OliVBeeFunkystan
He was a guitar work addict and his giant hands allowing him to do huge things (thumb etc...) He knew nothing about musical theory. he was a total intuitive player... Guess he'll influence next generations too.
February 21 2016 15:08:06
petebasspetebass Hey Stan;Super playing,some cool jazy riffs;):)
+1 February 21 2016 15:40:22 petebassFunkystan
Thanks Pete... I love bebop, but play it properly, I've got to work on it ^^
February 21 2016 05:01:44
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes sounds cool , I like this play :)
+1 February 21 2016 11:31:15 HiFiFlutesFunkystan
This is just an humble step out of my comfort zone ^^ Thanks Hifi
February 21 2016 03:27:13
MidoruMidoru Very nice - like the playing and Tal Farlow tone.
+1 February 21 2016 03:30:05 MidoruFunkystan
Thanks Midoru I've had the idea to explore again that universe listening to your tracks. So I'm very pleased that you like it ^^

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