White Line Warrior

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Big thanks to Dave for his constructive feedback on my first add. I appreciate his direction, and I hope this second pass on his awesome track is even closer to his original vision. This song continues to be a lot of fun to work on!

I am uploading the new synth layer as an HD download. If you need a separate track of the Moog solo, please look in the HD download of my first add. Would love to hear Dave, Joe, or anyone do a proper mix of this!


UPDATE: Be sure to hear the final version of this tune, #65501 . Bradders did an awesome final mix and included a lot of new motion through panning that makes for a dynamic listening experience. Check it out!


June 06 2016 22:59:08
francisco alfrancisco al legal bom trabalho

March 07 2016 04:00:12
HaffastHaffast Awesome!

February 27 2016 03:29:51
TG_StratTG_Strat Wow I love the Moog, this is such a cool instrument to have here on the loops! Well done!
+1 February 27 2016 04:08:31 TG_Stratschwaglr
Thanks so much, TG! If you have any tracks of your own that might like a little Moog, please let me know!

I'll cordially invite you to check out some of the other tracks on my profile for more Moogy goodness. Try #61264
February 21 2016 19:21:25
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantastic:)
+0 February 21 2016 20:10:29 Lenny Cowlerschwaglr
Thank you, Lenny! Watch for a possible remix from bradders in the future.
February 21 2016 18:31:44
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool! Love that Moog!
+0 February 21 2016 20:10:02 jmrukkersschwaglr
You know I love it too! Such a cool thing, and I'm still just learning how to use it. Thanks for listening!
February 21 2016 18:17:09
braddersbradders I need the whole of the synth part as a separate stem S...if you can

February 21 2016 18:14:10
braddersbradders Awesome...

I'm the only one with all the stems of my vocals, bass and guitar, so I'll mix it down and then see if anyone else wants to do some mastering...

+0 February 21 2016 18:15:54 braddersschwaglr
February 22 2016 10:33:04 braddersbradders
The synth version that turns this Moving Picture/Permanent Waves crossover song of mine into a missing track from Signals is now in the mix...just waiting for Greg's comments before I share ;-)

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