Martins Blues...

Remix step #3 (playing)


petebass522 jams Supporter
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February 21 2016 19:34:39
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Highly Enjoyable music :) Great work Pete !
+1 February 21 2016 19:41:04 HiFiFlutespetebass
Hey Chris, thanks a lot mate;):)
February 21 2016 19:10:33
RelativityRelativity Very cool Pete. Nice walking . I like especially your walking with what I believe is the E to D.
+1 February 21 2016 19:34:35 Relativitypetebass
Hey Rel;) thanks mate,love playin blues bass but I usually get bored half -way thru and start getting too busy, but the good thing is being on wikiloops you can'nt see the lead guitar player glare at you-sure you've been there;):)
February 21 2016 19:50:17 RelativityRelativity
Nope dont know what you are talking about.... ;P
February 21 2016 20:52:29 Relativitypetebass
Yeah Right Ha!!;)
February 22 2016 04:51:22 RelativityDanalyze45
You guys have had the wrong guitar players :)
February 22 2016 05:09:29 RelativityRelativity
We keep the rhythm chugging along but during blues...theres often the urge to just start playing like John Entwhistle. After 12 bars I start looking at my watch.LOL!Whats weird is you can have a goofy pop song with three chrods and its not like that. Its only the blues and we could be doing a walking bass. Its only the blues. And I love the blues!!!Im from Chicago!
February 22 2016 05:15:27 RelativityRelativity
Actually Pete I think I know why that is. When you start on bass the first thing you do is blues progressions until your sick of them and you learn to get bored quicker because when your starting you want to move away from them into Geddy Lee and John Entwhistle stuff. I think its the mentality "ben there done that many times".And it sticks.
February 21 2016 19:08:37
titititi Cool ride Pete
+1 February 21 2016 19:35:29 titipetebass
Hi titi Thanks my friend:)
February 21 2016 18:55:56
garymcmillgarymcmill Right on Pete
+1 February 21 2016 19:36:43 garymcmillpetebass
Hey Gary thanks a lot for listening,glad you like it;):)
February 21 2016 18:55:43
ivaxivax Fantastic Pete
+1 February 21 2016 19:38:36 ivaxpetebass
Hi Ivax;)gracias mi amigo;):)
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