Tryin' to grow a chin

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This track by Kenny is so excellent.
This version is still a little rough, but I needed to take a break, and I wouldn't let myself until I produced something adequate for a bass player to lay something down too (should they wish...) After trying 8th note triplets a bunch of different ways in the center section, I finally decided it sounded best straight ahead. The final section with the 13/8 phrasing took a couple of days before I settled on a pattern that sat nicely with the guitar but also did a little of its own thing. I will do another recording of this, probably in a week or two.


April 28 2016 02:54:11
RobMRobM Killer Add !

April 27 2016 23:02:11
BassterBasster A w e s o m e buddy - this is just perfect!!

March 17 2016 12:04:39
Ernie440Ernie440 Excellent drumming, cool version on this one!
+1 March 17 2016 13:31:06 Ernie440Frankisaur
Thank you!
March 01 2016 16:26:51
johhny2gunjohhny2gun ahhh tom fills such a rarity nowadays
i like the ending section, reminds me of a dean castranova? thing I saw.
Good job

February 22 2016 19:38:17
OliVBeeOliVBee cool drumming :) difficult template to work with and you did a nice job !
+1 February 22 2016 20:21:04 OliVBeeFrankisaur
February 22 2016 08:09:24
frostfrost This track just blew me away. That odd timing is ridiculous!

February 22 2016 08:07:51
scythscyth What a nasty track right here. sick! In a great way!

February 22 2016 08:06:30
paalmanpaalman Very good!

February 22 2016 02:12:51
kennyadrykennyadry That was incredible,..first and formost I love the intensity on the firs part man! It paved a great nice opening way on the second part! Awesome! I would say that you had technical expertise on the 13/8 part, and you nailed it. I love the fact that you did not stop during the silent section! Brilliant! :)
+1 February 22 2016 03:18:29 kennyadryFrankisaur
Thanks! I really like what you do with the timing on this song. It's a really cool mix, and a challenge, which is just what I was looking for. The second part still needs a little work, so I'm gonna keep polishing it. I'm definitely going to look at your other stuff too.
February 22 2016 00:53:55
CarpenterCarpenter good drums...!
+1 February 22 2016 01:10:31 CarpenterFrankisaur

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