Brazilius (The Mask)

Remix step #4 (playing)


Tofzegrit1016 jams Supporter
+ 11
Hard to play for me, I've learn a bit here about playing background behind a singer but with a jazz piano solo in a latin style, that's my first one and it is Mario's fault !! (GlezBass)
You show me the way and gibe me the faith to try and Kenny did his job too in playing this one too :)

So here is the way to jam with this incerdible Hudson Kostah
Obrigado, muchas gracias, thank you, merci !!


February 29 2016 23:47:18
UloisiusUloisius hui, this is very cool my friend ;o)
+1 March 01 2016 00:43:56 UloisiusTofzegrit
so difficult to me in the "pulsation", merci Uli
February 23 2016 17:53:08
jjdfjjdf WoW... Greeeeaat work! well done...Tofz...:)
+1 February 23 2016 18:22:12 jjdfTofzegrit
February 23 2016 08:43:18
kennyadrykennyadry WOW! THis is great UNCLE! You have a totally different version yet really precise and clean! Love it!

February 23 2016 01:11:17
SJDSJD This is really great,, so much going on and just flows well, great mix...

February 22 2016 21:18:35
pklieschpkliesch Great Job! You did it, Baby!

February 22 2016 20:46:11
MarceysMarceys Wow! That is a difficult track to play to! You nailed it perfectly! Way cool!

February 22 2016 18:30:15
PsychoPsycho I need to bring some good equipment to work :) I will have to listen again at home, but from what I can hear you seem to be following this very well :)
+2 February 23 2016 09:15:22 PsychoPsycho
I hear it much better now... sounds great. Has a synth tone to it.
February 22 2016 18:01:04
AKchenAKchen wow, very good my dear !!! :)

February 22 2016 17:14:38
cody trippcody tripp That sounds Killer

February 22 2016 17:00:37
GlezBassGlezBass Hey man, and capture the essence with the fundamental notes, of course it is a difficult track for the impeccable execution piano HK but in the background with the guitar and we practice in this jam is a very fast complicated jam that requires knowing the plotting scales very well but too fast to play chords as Kenny did, I will continue investigating when you can with guitar ...

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