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added vocals I'm not a singer so pardon my vocals just an idea open for others


February 24 2016 15:02:26
I'd say the singing is pretty good just for the fact it's like your own style- singing is freakin hard man- you sound better than many who claim to be "singers"
Good job nice track

+0 February 24 2016 19:24:13 guitarfan13 Wikimark
Thanks just not my strong suit but still trying to figure out the diaphragm or genre I fit I think 80's music fits but trying other pitches and the raspier side like on this track I go lower with a hard edge growl. My goal this year is to get better👍
February 24 2016 21:10:22 guitarfan13 guitarfan13
Yes. Your lower registers sound pretty solid-that's prob your sweet spot for singing . Ok bud keep up the great work!!
February 23 2016 21:29:18
Very good vocals to me! You said you're not a singer but your addition brings another dimension to this jam. Hats off!
+0 February 24 2016 00:32:50 JeF31 Wikimark
Thanks the bass got me to do it :)
February 23 2016 09:20:52
I'd say you are a singer... good job !!

February 23 2016 09:07:32
cool cool cool !!!! :)

February 23 2016 07:40:00
wiki hello, I'm in shock, impressed by that story and that voice, I also enjoy general theme has been developing like, these little things make you feel sooo good, thank you very much
+0 February 23 2016 13:28:29 carlottis Wikimark
I just had to add something else to this great jam. Just had an idea on how to add on to it.
February 23 2016 16:18:56 carlottis carlottis
Eres grande
February 23 2016 02:50:06
Roulettes mine too! Last time I played, I asked the guy I was playing with what his lucky numbers were. He told me and I started playing them telling him "now watch me win". I won $800. I did buy him a small drink. He was pretty upset.
+0 February 23 2016 02:54:06 Relativity Wikimark
I know but i always seem to give it all back to the casino even if I'm ahead. Nice story and yes roulette is still my favorite. Just having some fun with words tonight. Glad you liked it:)
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