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This splendid template from Kenny has been sat in Reaper for nearly a week now. I've tried a couple of times previously and not been happy with the result so it got shelved. Working from home today I thought I'd have a quick pop at it again during lunch.

As usual, the solution was keeping the beat simple and driving. I was trying to be clever previously whereas instead this take keeps the beat going but picks out the main accents ...
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Martin Pointon, U2, Simple Minds


I really like the composition.
The sound is very clear on my speakers, it's a cool upbeat song.
Happy Lunch Time !!
so good
February 23 2016 15:58:50
mpointon :) +0
Nice. Love the tight HH work. The driving 1/4 notes over the chorus sound good. I think I'm going to push a 6/8 feel a little stronger...but we'll see once I get a few tracks down. You set the bar nice and high my friend.+1
February 23 2016 15:49:17
mpointon Thank you, Frank. My early efforts focussed on the same thing - emphasising that 6/8 feel - but I found with the drum lines I did, it messed with the necessary drive and energy the track needed to keep it powering along for me.

So another instrument picking up that theme would be perfect!
Sounds great! yes and simple usually is better. It is amazing too how 16th notes can solve so many my younger days i would never, ever play 16th on the hats.....+1
February 23 2016 16:04:01
mpointon They do! I'm not a fan of 16ths to be honest, but I find by flinging in accents it really helps them lilt (and cover up how inaccurately I play them sometimes!) +2
good drumming and nice clear sound.+1
Man! This is a very cool track! Totally missed this track of Kenny! Absolute cool drumming to the track! Did you eat your sandwich? Don't forget that!! :) :)+1
Hi Martin, I can't hear in good conditions if the compressor's job is good, but your add to Kenny's track fits great... ^^
Kenny, You've done it great again ;-)
Thanks guys...
Nothing short of Brilliant! I personally think the 16th notes on the first part was great. Clever thing on the break :D the upbeat on the chorus really worked well. Great sensitive take on the 2:51 then getting blast onwards!!! Can't give a comment on the compression as im only listening thru phone (still cant be back home), but man I care less about that God this is outstanding!!!+1
February 23 2016 21:43:34
mpointon Thank you, Kenny! This a fabulous template. Despite the apparent simplicity, it was challenging to get the balance right between driving it and helping pick out the fantastic syncopations of the riff.

Another gem to add to your already extensive collection on the 'Loops.
I LOVE it!!+1
great punch :)+1

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