Is it this way? (Guit+Voice adds)

Remix step #4 (playing)

Guitar & Vocals:

Funkystan120 jams Supporter
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In order of appearance:
Martin(Drums), Marc(Keys), Carpenter(Bass). Thanks guys...

Working on this track, I was feeling more an more familiar with each member of this trio's play.
Not because I had to listen to this track a lot, but because it is not my first collaboration with this "trio".
From a track to another, different sound, different play, but each player's personnal touch is revealing to me in details.
And believe me, they are better players than we already imagine it listening to them once or twice here...

Players "fitting" is a band job. It requests listening, respect and even admiration but mainly communication and feeback.
That's the only weird thing on Wiki.
We collaborate, but playing alone.
So... A very special thank to Carp', because I've sent him the draft takes and some arrangements are his ideas.

The last Carp'recommandation is:"Don't forget to post the lyrics!" Chords section


March 01 2016 20:32:32
Coolness singin' style :) classe
+1 March 01 2016 20:35:13 GuitarPlyr Funkystan
Thanks, my "love boats" singing style ^^ Listen to "flying panties" if you like funny stuff ;-)
March 01 2016 20:38:34 GuitarPlyr GuitarPlyr
Ok man I'm gonna check it :)
February 26 2016 23:06:42
totally agree about Gino especially in the last section
+0 February 27 2016 01:04:50 Tofzegrit Funkystan
One thing I've learnt is who is Gino... ^^
February 27 2016 01:05:55 Tofzegrit Tofzegrit
1 album: "Brother to Brother"
February 27 2016 01:08:32 Tofzegrit Funkystan
I've listened to it when Carp' told me about... Expensive hairdresser's costs anyway ^^
February 27 2016 01:10:21 Tofzegrit Tofzegrit
et en plus ils sont 2 frangins et à l'époque, l'épilation c'était à la pince :D
February 27 2016 01:28:29 Tofzegrit Funkystan
Excellent ^^
Mates sur youtube concert en 2007 et 2014... Son coiffeur est resté dans son trip des seventies ^^
February 25 2016 09:16:33
Wow Stan! That is a big package of adds! Great to hear what you did with the track! Cool vocals and lyrics! Did you listen to Gino Vanelli? I thought I heard some influences in your singeing there! Way cool man!
+1 February 25 2016 11:30:13 Marceys Funkystan
Hey Marc... Thanks ^^
I've never heard about Gino Vanelli before Carpenter talked to me about him after he listened to the draft track... I don't know if someway my voice looks like his voice, but for sure we do not have the same hairdresser ;-)
February 25 2016 17:02:48 Marceys Carpenter
ahh, seems, I´m not the only one which is reminded of Gino Vanneli here.
...and Gino´s haidresser would be of no use for me ;)
February 25 2016 19:14:38 Marceys Funkystan
I've watched a Gino's concert video on youtube. Eventually, it may be a wig ;-)
February 24 2016 20:36:24
nice work :) cool band !
+1 February 24 2016 20:39:11 OliVBee Funkystan
Thanks Oliv' I'd love to do play whith them on stage ;-)
February 24 2016 19:51:48
I am really happy with the result of your work, Stan. Your addition is great, thoughtful and musical. I would never have thought, that this fusionesque song would turn out like this. Thank you so much for your great work :)
+1 February 24 2016 19:58:11 Carpenter Funkystan
Thanks Carp'. The hardest and longuest part for me is the mixing job... It was fun to collaborate that way. We'll do much better on the next one ^^
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