Bounce To March With Snow

Remix step #2
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Psycho760 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)

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frankyguitar500 jams Supporter
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What a wonderful track by Psy and mort, so I have to give it a try. Hope I have it do right!!

This morning I woke up, look at the windows and see - snow, all is white and it's snowing as would give it no tomorrow! LOL So, that's the title.
What have I done?
First, I had a lot of fun with it. After,I went to the basement and drag up the piano, to play a bit and than I played a chord line, only the top part, (Em, C, F, G, always with Psy) and Lead in the other parts. :-))
HD is without lead and piano- for space for friends :-))
Hope you have fun like me...


February 25 2016 23:34:25
Ich mag deinen Stil und deine Ideen zum Template von Psycho, super Arbeit!
+1 February 26 2016 05:22:46 Balfo frankyguitar
Hallo Balfo, eine schöne Überraschung am frühen Morgen! Das von Dir zu hören freut mich ganz besonders and this put a smile on my face. Ganz lieben Dank Balfo!!
February 25 2016 23:04:19
This put a smile on my face Franky :)
Great play on both instruments my friend :)

+1 February 25 2016 23:11:19 RobM frankyguitar
You make me happy Ron!! Thanx so much! This is one of the reason for making music .... :)
February 25 2016 21:12:56
da kann ich abuitremorem nur Recht geben, sehr, sehr schön ;o)
+1 February 25 2016 21:20:26 Uloisius frankyguitar
Vielen Dank Uli !! :) Die Jungs hatten sehr gut vorgelegt und ich hatte großes Vergnügen daran! :)
Obwohl ich gerade feststelle dass es anders klingt als von Festplatte Zuhause.... weiß der Geier....
February 25 2016 20:09:07
wunderschön :)
+1 February 25 2016 20:55:24 abuitremorem frankyguitar
Lieben Dank abu, ich hatte sehr gute vor Arbeiter:)
February 25 2016 18:08:37
super add & track ... so soft and lovely
+1 February 25 2016 18:33:44 AKchen frankyguitar
Ganz lieben Dank AKchen! :) Das hat sooooviel Spaß gemacht!! :)
February 25 2016 17:51:48
Heilige Kuh, das ist kuhl Franky!! :):):)
+1 February 25 2016 18:29:09 Liesching frankyguitar
LOL, auf nach Indien! Vielen lieben Dank Marc!!
February 25 2016 17:44:26
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
super bro:)
+1 February 25 2016 17:50:54 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Thanx my friend! :) Really good co - workers:)
February 25 2016 17:09:10
Holy Cow Franky..!!!
This is fantastic...really good!
A piano and the perfect and complete song.
I am so happy you did this:D
Freut mich riesig! Tausend Dank!!:d

+1 February 25 2016 17:31:57 mortheol frankyguitar
LOL Holy Cow, that's really funny! :D
It was so much fun, so I thougt, try some keys, found this nice grand piano sound in my DAW and played it happening. Ah, you use riesig, sehr cool! Es war mir ein wahres Vergnügen:) :)
February 25 2016 17:34:07 mortheol frankyguitar
LOL, forgot Thank You! Its a wonderful comment! :)
February 25 2016 20:26:13 mortheol mortheol
Oops "Holy Cow"...ehh it's an American expression. It means "Wow"..:P
February 25 2016 16:56:10
You play the keys too? Very nice job franky... it all fits very well.... thanks a ton for sitting in on this my friend !! :)
+1 February 25 2016 17:26:28 Psycho frankyguitar
Hey Bruce thanx so much for your music and this comment!! :) And yes, like I say, I played the Piano too, but only with my little IRig Keys, have no Piano in my basement, LOL. It was a great pleasure !! Thanx my friend:)
February 25 2016 16:25:31
good Job Franky
+1 February 25 2016 17:19:50 ivax frankyguitar
Thanx so much Xavi! Was a great pleasure to do this! :)

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