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This one is more a riddle when it comes to the metrum... I guess there are different ways to count it. For the first part i have no idea...maybe something like 6/4 and something at the end??? I think it is easier to follow the melody. The second part though could be counted as a 3/4...maybe. I dont even know if you can play someting to it...but i do hope so because it has a nice flow even with that strange metrum. It should be ...
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Jazz Rock, Fusion,


Afro Cuban one to me! Cool track!+1
When I can play at half this speed and keep it together I will be happy! Great playing+1
Really like the fusion of styles in this one. :)
And a great sound !
Yeah man! Very cool sound, I love the stereo image here!+1
fantastic bass ride:)+1
Super bass ride!+1
fantastic !!!+1
Great hearing this on its own, superb playing and wonderful themes+1
Great bass playin in ternary feeling here :)+1
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