This is the most anoying song ever

Remix step #2 (playing)

Drums & Keys:

Mike_66199 jams
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... or as I call it
_________"Dada for musicians"

in souvenir to the 100 year anniversary of Dadaism. And this is Dada because it is not. :)


February 27 2016 02:07:47
Not really my thing but it'seems really cool in a creepy kind of way, great track for a horror movie, well done
+1 February 27 2016 05:08:34 Rockzilla Mike_66
Yeah it's definitly not made for mainstream radio more for some kind of installation. Maybe I can and some video of the useless meetings I have to attend everyday. 😜
February 27 2016 16:40:30 Rockzilla Rockzilla
Still very good and creative, I'm not that creative, wish I was
February 27 2016 01:23:11
Songs like this is why I like wikiloops, well done Mike:)
+1 February 27 2016 05:12:29 Jeebsie Mike_66
Thanks Jeebsie. I love the freedom wikiloops offer. I can just play arround without any intention or destination. Pure creativity.
February 26 2016 22:00:53
My goodness , great work Mike !!
Hans Arp

Die Schwalbenhode, 4.

Tapa tapa tapa
Pata pata
Maurulam katapultilem i lamm
Haba habs tapa
Mesopotainem masculini
Bosco & belachini
Haba habs tapa
Woge du welle
Haha haha

Finest Dada :D

+1 February 27 2016 05:17:27 frankyguitar Mike_66
I see you got the message. I guess it would be also some cool lyrics for the song too.
February 27 2016 09:17:18 frankyguitar frankyguitar
If I don't it forget, will incoming with Hans Arp's Schwalbenhode, 4. :D
February 26 2016 21:56:37
This just might become a top 40 hit :) Well done !!
+1 February 27 2016 05:20:29 Psycho Mike_66
I guess this would only happen, with less then 39 competitors.😁
February 26 2016 21:50:20
LOL! Thanks Mike! It will be played very loudly for the vocalist this evening...non stop! Thanks man!
+1 February 27 2016 05:24:10 Relativity Mike_66
I'm unsure if this is in accordance with the human rights and the international treaties for prisnors of war
February 26 2016 21:43:18
cody trippcody tripp
Very cool
+1 February 27 2016 05:26:58 cody tripp Mike_66
Nahhhh it's almost everything else but cool😄 Crazy, innovative, mind blowing stupid ...

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