Creeping Along

Remix step #3 (playing)
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SJD39 jams Supporter
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Tried to keep up!! Awesome jam with a great pace, Great work..


August 11 2016 03:11:56
francisco alfrancisco al ok. bom trqabalho

March 26 2016 07:14:27
johhny2gunjohhny2gun great track all the way up the line

March 20 2016 01:07:31
texassontexasson You got the NEED FOR SPEED ! Bad@$$!

March 17 2016 14:51:25
HaffastHaffast I've listened to this many times since you've posted it and continually tried to figure out who it reminds me of the most.

Personally, I hear some hints of Yngwie in there, for sure, but I think John 5 is the one I'm thinking of the most.

Totally dig them BOTH. Badass work, man! Awesome!

+1 March 19 2016 19:16:09 HaffastSJD
That's really cool man, greatly appreciate that, Never wrong with YJM for sure, and not real familiar with John 5, but soon will be, I'm going to say same back at ya Bro as the start of this jam before me was fing Awesome to begin with!! Your a great player no doubt and look forward to a chance to jam again with ya !!
February 28 2016 13:00:38
ivaxivax fantastic SJD

February 27 2016 23:51:04
SJDSJD Cool, glad ya dug it,,was fun for sure!!
+1 February 28 2016 16:05:20 SJDHaffast
Badass. Totally badass!
February 27 2016 23:32:57
HaffastHaffast Dude! You killed it! That's some insane accuracy! Sweet!

I'm blown away. Thanks for the awesome solo!

February 27 2016 23:32:04
RelativityRelativity LOL! Anything BUT creeping! Sounds manic! THanks man Track rocks!

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