Jammed Up Tight

Remix step #3 (playing)
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Danalyze451349 jams Supporter
+ 13
This is such a cool track...man I have to thank you guys for this. Loads of coolness here from you two! Thanks :) This is take 3 mistakes and all but I lost the "live" edge of it when trying to correct so I stayed with this version.


February 28 2016 21:59:35
Wow! Just kind of happened upon this and was immediately sold by your sound and play. Nice job!
+1 February 29 2016 03:39:40 schwaglr Danalyze45
thanks man...that is the kind of feedback all musicians love :)
February 28 2016 11:37:22
perfect Guitar ;o)

February 28 2016 11:35:08
Coolest thing Ihave never heard on wiky... nothing to add. Fantastic !
+1 February 29 2016 03:39:56 Buran70 Danalyze45
Thank you Buran :)
February 28 2016 10:09:00
Playing, tone, mix is superb. Tune needs a familiar come back to riff aka hook aka ring tone to stand out from the crowd though. Sorry for saying what I feel. Love ya work ;)
+1 February 28 2016 10:15:31 Rod_Stevens Danalyze45
I put new strings on the strat :) normally would have tried to make it a "song" but it was flowing and I didn't want to get in the way :) :)
February 28 2016 07:57:38
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Fantastic bro:)

February 28 2016 05:28:07
Damn! That's all I can say. Didn't think there was any room for you to get better. This proves me wrong. Mr Gilbert would be proud
+1 February 28 2016 06:26:17 PeterVeillon Danalyze45
Thanks Peter! He won't let me play any more than 4 note phrases...maybe that's how this all unleashed? :) :) hahaha whatever it is, it is working and thanks for the compliment my friend.
February 28 2016 05:11:29
Keep em coming Dan. Sounds good! Really like what did around 2:00
+1 February 28 2016 06:22:55 garymcmill Danalyze45
The fast one or the slow one into the mellow section?
February 28 2016 18:05:55 garymcmill garymcmill
Like em both, but the slow one.
February 28 2016 19:05:38 garymcmill Danalyze45
Damn! That's the one I don't remember exactly what I did lolol. The fast bit right before that is descending Em9 arpeggios :)
February 28 2016 19:34:49 garymcmill Danalyze45
I believe...the slow one is sort of an ascending E9 kind of thing. It's like stacked triads of EMaj, DMaj and and another EMaj an octave higher. When you stack them it gives that kind of E9 feel.
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