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Haffast149 jams Supporter
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Only uploading this because I spent so long trying to make it work. I am NOT an acoustic player. At all. :)

this thing was recorded on an acoustic guitar so terrible that it's completely unplayable past the 12th fret. On top of that, my mic has been packed in the attic for months, so I recorded this with the memo recorder on my cell phone! Despite the bad guitar and worse mic, I think it turned out ok! Took forever to get it all transferred an lined up in the recording software; I've been spoiled with this digital stuff... Enjoy?


February 29 2016 06:55:27
Bravo Senor Haffast-o :) Very well done and given all the circumstances....pretty freaking amazing. I agree with Rob. Make this thing longer...Android has 16GB I think?! lolol :) :)

February 29 2016 03:24:16
What a beautiful piece ... just needs to be longer ;)

February 29 2016 02:50:06
cody trippcody tripp
sounds really cool
+1 February 29 2016 02:52:46 cody tripp Haffast
Thanks Cody. I do appreciate that. It's weird being unable to play past the twelfth fret. That's where I'm at 85% of the time. :)
February 29 2016 02:19:58
I should just copy and paste your description to my latest upload. I think you are classical at heart. A lot of tradional metal guitarist are. You are a natural and I believe you could make something great with just a block of wood and some rubberbands :). If you wanna do lead on my acoustic jam I'm all for it. Enjoy? Lol
+1 February 29 2016 02:22:40 PeterVeillon Haffast
Thanks Pete! When I listen to this, I hear a hundred notes that didn't make good, firm contact. Haha! Maybe some day I'll invest in a better acoustic, or Even a classical guitar. Nylon strings sound very appealing to me. ;)
February 29 2016 01:38:28
I wish i could play guitar ''as badly'' as you did here !!
It would mean about 5 flights of stairs in improvement.. ;)

+1 February 29 2016 01:41:00 nuno1959 Haffast
I know I'm overly critical. I can play about two things on a acoustic. This was nearly every trick I know to do it in one take without it sounding REALLY bad.

Computer wouldn't recognize the file from my phone and it wouldn't convert it without distorting it. Had to try over and over to get it to work. Hahaha! Finally got it!
February 29 2016 01:36:26
The acoustic is a beautiful instrument. There was a Phase I did where I got really really good with 12 string. I would listen to some Acousticeg as its very much in his style.Like the ending! Very dramatic!
+1 February 29 2016 01:38:37 Relativity Haffast
It REALLY is. I've always thought it was designed for good players with actual talent. And I've always said I wasn't good enough to turn off the distortion (because I'm kinda not) ;)

It was a nice change of pace though!
February 29 2016 01:41:06 Relativity Relativity
Fine job! You got the idea. Id do another one and youll be the new acoustic guy around here. The counterplay and each ones part is perfect.

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