Mantra- Killing In The Name Of Love

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Hey Pexe, nice stuff!
I added some thoughts from my sick brain..... :-))


March 02 2016 03:22:25
mortheolmortheol Frank...really crazy a good way:D
+1 March 02 2016 08:51:30 mortheolfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Ron, I like this stuff, it is very crazy!! But me brings much fun! :)
March 01 2016 18:05:12
abuitremoremabuitremorem nochmals - das ist fantastisch - wow
+1 March 01 2016 18:24:01 abuitremoremfrankyguitar
Vielen, vielen Dank. Weiter unten habe ich Pexe geschrieben was ich gemacht habe. Na ja, in meinem Englisch halt :)
March 01 2016 20:07:28 abuitremoremabuitremorem
Super gemacht, gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut :) Kompliment
March 01 2016 06:27:29
MishteriaMishteria Great!!

March 01 2016 05:31:44
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice, real cool Franky !!

March 01 2016 05:19:09
AKchenAKchen klasse !!!! :)
+1 March 01 2016 18:34:28 AKchenfrankyguitar
Dankeschön AKchen, bin ganz kurz mal zum schauen hier, Ute hat Geburtstag heute und wir sind auch gleich wieder weg. :)
March 01 2016 05:11:50
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

February 29 2016 23:27:31
PsychoPsycho Wow franky... you have become the "King of Krazy"! I like Krazy :)
+2 March 01 2016 21:32:05 Psychofrankyguitar
Hey Bruce, fine afternoon for you! Thank you very much! LOL "KofK".
But yeah, I like this stuff very much this requires a lot of creativity and brings this out in a best way. Cheers my friend :) My wife have birthday today and we are really busy with family and friends and so.... Take care :)
March 01 2016 23:39:37 PsychoPsycho
Cool... tell her Happy Birthday from a fellow looper :)
March 01 2016 23:53:26 Psychofrankyguitar
Thank you, yes I want do this, with pleasure!! :) Our guest's are go now and we have a bit time for cleaning, last glass of vine and my good friends in wikiland:)
February 29 2016 23:11:53
UloisiusUloisius super schräg aber irgendwie geil ;o)
Das hat was ;o)

+1 March 01 2016 18:31:02 Uloisiusfrankyguitar
Hallo Uli, ja, das ist schon sehr schräg! Hab's einfach laufen lassen, immer dem Gefühl nach..... Freut mich wenn Du das so siehst :)
February 29 2016 23:01:35
abuitremoremabuitremorem very cool :)
+2 March 01 2016 18:22:29 abuitremoremfrankyguitar
Das ist so super das du es magst! Vielen Dank abu!
February 29 2016 22:56:20
PexePexe wow, its my perception or this music has an effect of some drug? im confused, and its not an joke
+1 March 01 2016 18:10:04 Pexefrankyguitar
Yeah! I had some crazy ideas for it, instantly I had it listen. I doubled the track to make it longer and doubled some parts for play reverse. I doubled the complete track again and use the first 20 sec. for a patch I created one year ago, or so. The rest I play guitar with this patch and added a third line (guitar) with this patch and an extrem Pingpong delay , so here is . This brings a great psychodelic feel... Really great you like it, thank you very much Pexe!!

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