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Hope you enjoy my walking stick flute :) It is key B on one end and Key E on the other. Hollowed out by the ants, it is 4 feet long , Cool curved branch, I will post a picture soon.
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branch flute


love the natural raw sound. too many people expect them to sound like it's in a cave. all my higher keyed nafs will blast most microphones. I try my best to keep quite a bit more distance from the mic than I would use for my bass nafs. they call the little ones "screamers" for a reason, lol.+0
October 27 2016 02:09:48
HiFiFlutes Hey man.... Thanks for checking out all of these tracks my friend :) really appreciate your listening :) I'm still using that 20 dollar ebay mic.. it's a setup mic for home stereo ... there almost all the same. anyway I epoxied a piece of 12 guage shielded house wire to the mic. wraps on any of my flutes snugly.. and mic position alwars between 1/4 and 1 inch from ebrocure :) Cioa for now my friend :) +0
Very cool HiFi !!+0
March 02 2016 21:34:47
HiFiFlutes Thanks WHITEPONGO !! I like this style of play very much. The sound in person is so much brighter. I wish to improve my mic system someday. Glad you enjoy for today :) +1
sit greed, look out the window and listen to your music, absolutely beautiful moment ;o)+0
March 02 2016 21:36:33
HiFiFlutes Best compliment you can offer ... Thank you !!! +0

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