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KMstar952 jams Supporter
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My wife is getting better and said she could handle things for a few hours so I though I would jump on this for some fun.


March 02 2016 17:17:28
TG_StratTG_Strat Good news about your wife - hope for a full recovery!
+1 March 02 2016 19:10:17 TG_StratKMstar
Thanks TG and everyone, she is doing remarkable givin the circumstances, I have no doubt she will be fine
March 02 2016 13:41:39
GuadañaGuadaña Wohoooooooo!!! Another GG hit!!! Amazing bass Ken.
And great news too. Best wishes for you and Tammy my friend.

+1 March 02 2016 14:46:26 GuadañaKMstar
Thanks David!
March 02 2016 04:23:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good:)
+1 March 02 2016 19:10:41 Lenny CowlerKMstar
Thanks Lenny!
March 02 2016 03:22:58
RelativityRelativity Whoohoo Good News Ken! Glad to hear! Watch her diet. No acidity!!! No joke. eat it dropping acidity. That was 9 years ago.Good to hear!
+1 March 02 2016 03:35:16 RelativityKMstar
We are both looking at making some changes to the foods we eat, we have been reading about the ph relationship with cancer
March 02 2016 02:51:59
wiseshankswiseshanks Awesome Ken! Sounds great! I hope your wife is feeling better.
+1 March 02 2016 07:26:31 wiseshankswiseshanks
Really glad to hear that Ken.
March 02 2016 02:54:53 wiseshanksKMstar
She has a few surgerys to go but they say they beleve she is cancer free now, she is sore but doing well, thanks for the jam
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