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Great template from Kenny and made incredible by Mpointon and GlezBass. Got to admit that there were several other versions That were also outstanding. When I recorded this it was just Kenny, but after editing saw that there were all these cool adds...could I fit with one of them? Best fit was this one. Sopranino in the first half modified beyond recognition by a magic box.


WADE!!!! AT LAST, I've drawn you to play with me :D !!!

First and foremost I have search what a Sopranino is, and I was glad I did. according it's tuned in Eb, and this track is in key of E. You know, that means a lot...I don't how you sax players may need to raise a key sharper but I thought that maybe hard. But here man! That exotic sound is really worth it!!!

The intro reminds of an Indiana Jones soundtrack, really prepares the track a lot! 01:17 seems like you're playing like a fast passages in a guitar but sax tone!! Love it a lot :)

I must say the magic box did a trick but it was clearly your playing that shines here :)
March 02 2016 22:43:04
Wade Means a lot to me that you like this one. Yes Sopranino and Alto saxes are in Eb. Just means that when I play in (concert) E I'm playing in my C#. No big deal as I'm very used to it...guitarist's favorite key. The Tenor and soprano saxes are in Bb which means that I play in F# (if you are in E). You get used to it. +0
Just amazing!! Great track, and your sopranino sounds superior, and fits perfect.+1
March 02 2016 22:44:42
Wade Thanks Guadana. Still in experimental phase and trying to find those magic sounds that fit specific types of tunes. +0
Just wunderful ! Your sax fits excellent!!+1
March 02 2016 22:45:48
Wade Thanks Franky. I had fun with this and it was even more interesting to try it out with various different tracks that others added. +1
yeah, absolut cool Music ;o)+1
March 02 2016 22:46:59
Wade Thanks Uli. This track was way good as is. I've just added a different/extra color to the palate. +0
Perfect fit wade !! Very well done !!+1
March 02 2016 22:49:41
Wade Cheers Whitepongo. Definitely wanted to sound not too "strange", but it's certainly a strange sound for a sax. +0
Wade a excellent job, this sound remember me for moments a electric violin, its a sound cool, the sax line as usual fantastic. Thumbssss+1
March 02 2016 22:51:24
Wade Thanks G.B. I wasn't thinking electric violin but can certainly hear that sound now that you've mentioned it. Could sound even more like violin with more vibrato? +1
March 02 2016 22:54:17
GlezBass To me it is very familiar in certain passages to an "electric" sound of electric violin, and I think with more serious vibrato seemed possible, a matter of experience +1
this has CLASS shining all over it Wade, love the energy and the feeling here too. I like the way you all blend as if you were in the same room :)+1
March 02 2016 22:56:21
Wade So good to hear from you Ms Shi. My dream is to have those face to face musical encounters. So far one meet up at Urft and five separate meets with individual members. What we do here is more than OK, but really love the live stuff. +0
Absolutely stunning, Mr. Wade!+1
March 02 2016 23:04:39
Wade Thanks Pat. It's all still experimental. I still love the sax's sound, but these boxes open a whole new world of possibilities. The sopranino seems to be especially well suited to tweaking. Might be because it's got the same range of a guitar's top E string so an (ear) familiar range for melodic lines. +0
A great work by all... that sax playing of yours tops it off so nicely... !!+1
March 03 2016 23:14:48
Wade Cheers Mr B. Sometimes you just want to be "in there". Certainly didn't need me. +1
Lenny Cowler
March 03 2016 23:15:27
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny always appreciate the listen and comment. +0

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