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It's basically a HighGainSolo with a pitch of +5, delay, a second delay, only little tweaks. It seems wrong now to what I read from the setting years later, it's either true or default with different pitches. 3:40 -- 6:05 | The noise is about hard audio Eq-, filter and compressor, not distortion. Works fine with noisy videorecords from a phone. That's what it is. Unplugged acoustic, Vandal, random, ultra cheap, but creation
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Meshuggah, Parkway Drive


About as wicked as I've heard.... some cool ideas Jax.... well done !!+3
August 25 2016 15:21:03
SupJax thank you. added a full lead version to Catruett vocal session. way offmelodic. 50% chance i redo +1
Sweet to see a song motivate musicians+2
March 03 2016 13:28:15
James doo
SupJax song! :V gonna be an awesome weekend with this incredible work :D so much to explore +1
super "Meshuggah"(my favorite group from Sveden) solo mode:)+2
March 04 2016 16:26:57
Lenny Cowler
SupJax i remember another favorite solo you told me...ahh Fredrik Thordendal :D Accidental Damage +1
great add and great comments :):):)+2
March 04 2016 16:27:39
SupJax :D +1
Great work here, really kickass groove, cool textures and changes, well done...SJD+2
March 05 2016 12:33:28
SupJax gracias! +0
VERY Cool additions on an AWESOME example of why wikiloops is such an impressive collection of talented musicians!+2
August 25 2016 15:11:51
SupJax oh cool, thanks man! still an extended project on the way +1
Amazing guitar sound ! :)+2
April 17 2018 03:27:58
SupJax Something special i can't remember. +1
super :)+1
Hoho, massive shot! Killer stuff! :)+1
Cool stuff mate!!! Interesting solo concept.+1
March 03 2016 13:21:03
SupJax baha epic 5:55. vandal died about hundred times, previewing in slowmotion ehh..
gonna fill the holes another day. or you wanna smash up the strings and jump into. i'm done for now :D
March 03 2016 13:45:19
Guadaña Now I'm gonna eat mate, I'm starved, lol. +2
June 15 2016 01:40:27
SupJax hungry? :@ +1

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