The Life and Times of Nobody

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acoustic Guitar:
cody tripp1373 jams
step I
United States
Bass, Keys & Sequencer:
slynch196746 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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I hope I did this right. I'm new to the site, uploading, and the recording process using a DAW. I fell in love with this guitar track and just "felt" something, so I tried to do it justice. I added bass and a couple tracks of keys, and mixed it down in Pro Tools. Any and all feedback would be great for I still have a great deal to learn. I hope you enjoy the additions to this already beautiful ...


Very cool add!+1
Very nice Slynch, very interesting add, good mixing. Welcome to the loops, look forward hearing more from you!+1
A very nice add welcome to the loops+1
cody tripp
You sure made it better+2
March 04 2016 05:12:41
cody tripp
slynch1967 Thank you Cody. The guitar track is amazing to me. I finished my end of it and was unable to sleep due to the excitement of this project. Thanks alot. +2
Welcome to wikiloops! The keys sound great; you created a very nice atmosphere. I'm having a little trouble picking out the bass.

In any event, this is great work. Welcome, again! I look forward to hearing more. :)
March 04 2016 04:54:17
slynch1967 Thank you. Yes, I'm still learning to properly mix down tracks in Pro Tools. I tried to keep it light in the background and let Cody's beautiful guitar shine, but I could hear the bass better with my headphones on :( I need to lrn much but I'll keep plugging. +1
March 04 2016 04:57:26
DannyK Bass can be tricky. Head on over to the forums and read through the [url=]recording/mixing forum[/url]. Lots of info and helpful folks. :) +2
Welcome to here sly ! Very good recording. Cool sounding sounds here !! Good work :)+1

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