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yeah! thats what I am talkin about!...great sound. Guess I need a real Bass and some more talent to sound like this. Do you mic or direct line yur amp into your DAW?+0
August 23 2017 17:08:46
johhny2gun hey man,
a couple things im new at recording so theres better people to ask but what I an tell is that 1. use a quality bass (this track is a fender jazz with maple neck) 2. bass > multi-fx pedal with DI > protools. No amp/mic. 3. If anything, I might add eq/compression although this track at the end, I added a delay fx at the end on the slap part..hope that helps. For a comparison listen to one of my first tracks on here Track # 64310 (its cheaper warwick rockbass with rosewood neck and most likely no DI as I was new at recording)
August 23 2017 19:57:00
MusicWorx Thank you for taking the time to reply to my query. Compression is something I have not experimented with...k, I will do so. And agreed, I require a better Bass (once I feel I deserve/afford one). I can fit a deck of cards under the 12th (truss adjustment).

And the "Twang" sound is from slap technique? OK, I will take these things into consideration and practice some more...thanks again!
August 27 2017 17:20:44
johhny2gun its all experimenting, but the main thing is the direct input (DI) to bring the bass level up to a proper level..the bass can come later. For me, I have a DI/FX in a Multi-FX unit so I just go with its DI and whatever else I think I need at that moment. +1
August 27 2017 17:48:09
MusicWorx I found a free off the Web VST GComp (compressor) and along with the SHB1 VST (amp). I am getting an adequate sound running DI thru my steinberg UR22 Digital interface. I have Guitar rig 5 demo...some great sounds there but demo times out at the worst of times and occasionally crashes/corrupts the file I am workin on. One of these f/x units yu speak of may be in my future...thanks for your help, sounding better already. +0
September 03 2017 17:09:32
johhny2gun your welcome. anytime +0
Cool !! :)+0

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