Trailblazing ft HEMANIFEZT

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Baer180 jams
Remix step #3

Mixer & Vocals:

TeeGee261 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)

Mixer & Sequencer & Vocals:

TeeGee261 jams Supporter
+ 12
First the credits for those great parts I used for this song:
Hemanifezt for the rap, janis71 for the Oohh oohh hook, djpuzzle for the e-piano-scratch, all from And of course Baer for the fabulous drum track and bhunt1 for the bass. And Fender for inventing the Strat, best guitar ever ;).

Please feel free to give me any advice on the track, improvements, tips, mix, volume, anything. Anyone wants to add, be my guest. I will help with mixing.
If someone wants the track without the rap, no problem.

Peace, TG


August 31 2016 16:42:13
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho TG_Strat. legal

April 18 2016 17:17:20
Hell yeah, this is cool!!
+1 August 31 2016 16:45:53 Ernie440 TeeGee
Hehe yes I like this track, I am a big fan of Hemanifezt :) He actually sent me his tshirt and a hat just because I wrote on his face book page "I want that shirt" :D :D. I will do another track with him and Ray, might need a killer bass wink wink nudge nudge :D
August 31 2016 17:21:21 Ernie440 Ernie440
hey never heard of him but hope you washed those clothes thoroughly dude ... lol ... well we see what happens when you do the track my friend .. hehe :) ;)
August 31 2016 17:31:42 Ernie440 TeeGee
Check his version

March 05 2016 17:08:15
Cool song :)

March 05 2016 03:06:38
Great job putting this together... one heck of a thinking cap :)
+1 March 05 2016 11:07:30 Psycho TeeGee
Thanks P! I really enjoy playing with tracks and samples. It's like when I was a kid I loved playing with lego :D
March 05 2016 13:12:12 Psycho Psycho
Makes a lot of sense... you are a puzzle master :)
March 05 2016 00:29:42
cool work here
+1 March 05 2016 17:42:18 axenvocs TeeGee
Thanks mate!
March 04 2016 23:12:47
Thanks what I'm talkin' about - great remix!
+1 March 04 2016 23:25:03 bhunt1 TeeGee
Took me some time to figure it out but was worth it. I did put some effects/equalizer on your bass, although it would have been good as it is. It's a matter of taste :) . Thanks again, we got to do some more hiphop track yo!!
March 05 2016 00:21:06 bhunt1 bhunt1
agreed let's do some more. I use drum loops from looperman quite often, but haven't messed w vocal loops too much - this track has great use of the vocal loops
March 04 2016 23:10:05
haha, very cool! I like it.

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