Copping off with bongos

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mr p... mr p... what am i gonna do?. you make some truly great templates...AND get mr h to play on it as well! how can lil ole me resist that?!


July 07 2016 19:16:27
jamladyjamlady great work Kimbo!

March 23 2016 00:49:25
WadeWade Such a fine track. Well Done!!!
+0 March 23 2016 13:58:51 Wadekimbo
Blimey listened to everything at once!
March 23 2016 20:06:28 WadeWade
Been gone and busy, so going through what's been done by my favorite players.
March 23 2016 22:21:21 Wadekimbo You give me such a boost sometimes! Really on a low at the mo... But hey ho... The only way from here is up
March 08 2016 09:50:52
mpointonmpointon Oh man, not sure how I missed this! As always, your impeccable restraint and total sense of retro cool blasts through this backing perfectly! The boy may not live here but you're certainly in da house! :) :)
+0 March 08 2016 18:01:36 mpointonkimbo
Thanks mate. Glad you like.bit down at the mo....always makes me a teeny bit more creative.
March 09 2016 00:29:30 mpointonmpointon
I know the feeling, unfortunately. Music has that power though and I'm glad you added! Get some more home-made gin in yer!
March 06 2016 17:24:59
OliVBeeOliVBee cool guitaring buddy :)

March 05 2016 12:10:21
haddockhaddock Hey kimbo, very nice to hear you on this one!!
+0 March 05 2016 12:16:29 haddockkimbo
Yo Mr h...Nice to be playing without good self again.
March 05 2016 09:52:35
jmrukkersjmrukkers Love the one Kim, very smoooooth

March 05 2016 07:50:48
UloisiusUloisius supercool ;o)

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