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Did some vocals on this cool track of FekySound.

I have sung the whole thing 6 times. 3 on the right and 3 on the left. Main goal was to sing them in sync with the other lines....

Had some good inspiration :)

Hope you like it!



Inspiration is what we need
We are always searching
The foundation to create new music
That sparkle is our daily desire

We want some
We need some
We give some

We need some inspiration

Inspiration is what we give
We make things together
The foundation to create new music
The sparkle for our daily desire

Inspiration is the best way....
to build with good foundation


March 07 2016 21:01:01
WadeWade Yea, man you give US INSPIRATION! What a fine track and can appreciate the difficulty of such precise singing without the electronic wizardry. Well done.
+1 March 07 2016 23:37:43 WadeMarceys
Thanks Wade! Think it is way cooler to sing a bit imperfectly but without generators that make that backings for you..... That's fake! :)
March 07 2016 08:36:36
kennyadrykennyadry YOur singing, and even the lyrical composition is becoming so so good! I don't know where you get your inspiration to this, I may want one too!
+1 March 07 2016 23:35:55 kennyadryMarceys
Thanks kenny! Just making some things up. My inspiration was the title of the track! :)
March 06 2016 19:18:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler wow!!! fantastic vocals:)
+1 March 06 2016 22:33:49 Lenny CowlerMarceys
Thanks Lenny!
March 06 2016 18:32:09
FekySoundFekySound Extreme 👏🏻 !!! Respekt!!!
+2 March 06 2016 19:07:05 FekySoundMarceys
Glad you like it man! Was cool to work on the track again! :)
March 06 2016 18:09:20
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very cool track now.... !!
+1 March 06 2016 19:04:13 frankyguitarMarceys
Thanks franky! Cool that you like it!
March 06 2016 20:42:24 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Hey Marc, you know, I like a lot of music styles :)
March 06 2016 17:53:26
TofzegritTofzegrit OK you did it !
I like it so much that I have already upload my guitar :)

+1 March 06 2016 18:04:27 TofzegritMarceys
That is great Tof! Thanks a lot! This foundation is way cool! :)
March 06 2016 17:02:02
OliVBeeOliVBee coooooool :D
+1 March 06 2016 18:03:44 OliVBeeMarceys
Thanks man! :) :)
March 06 2016 16:29:51
aleonzaleonz Great split off, the harmonies in a very fine sync, really enjoy this track, along with your excellent keys through out Feky's tasty funky bring a great inspirations to all of us here!
+1 March 06 2016 18:03:27 aleonzMarceys
Thanks a lot Alice! I can not get my vocals as tight as yours but it is way cool trying too! :)
Inspiration is what we all give eachother here on the Loops! :)
March 06 2016 16:19:48
RelativityRelativity VERY VERY COOL MARC!
+1 March 06 2016 18:00:43 RelativityMarceys
Thaks man, always great to try something like this out! :)
March 06 2016 16:02:35
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic !!!!
+1 March 06 2016 18:00:13 cody trippMarceys
Thanks Cody! :)
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