7 Houses of the Tragic Poet

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I must admit I'm having a little experimental fun here. And I promise I won't alter this track anymore.

With that said, it's now over 8 minutes long and vocal ready. Yeah sure, you can add whatever you like :) A vocal would be very cool though.

With Haffast's template 66600, RobM's intro 66604, aduennwald's midpoint solo 66635, and that Psycho guy bringing up the rear 66630... I can imagine all sorts of ideas on this.

It's back at the top of the same tree so all the current contributors can easily be found.

Did I mention a really cool vocal would be nice... not to mention bass, drums, washboards, etc, etc.


March 07 2016 19:02:25
I really like the ending zone
+1 March 07 2016 23:59:46 Girard Psycho
Thanks G... good to see you man. I wish I could muster up your restraint and get some chores done around my falling apart house...lol :)
March 08 2016 14:54:41 Girard Girard
LOL practicing restraint is important for UN ambassadors too.
March 07 2016 08:36:11
very cool remix here Big Psy! sounds very clear, and those guitar in a cool spot light...!
+1 March 07 2016 23:58:06 aleonz Psycho
Thanks very much Big Al... you are very nice with your comments gal :)
March 07 2016 08:26:17
WHat a great mixing you have done here. Bringing all the great solos from others and ofcourse putting yours makes it like a G3 in loops!
+1 March 07 2016 23:57:24 kennyadry Psycho
G3... yes, have seen them all (on TV) wish I could match some of that playing... thanks Kenny :)
March 06 2016 23:25:00
Mate, this is epic ! Very clever work here Bruce, really like it :)
+1 March 07 2016 23:55:34 RobM Psycho
Thanks Rob... you inspired all this with your add my friend :)
March 06 2016 22:45:35
I agree with mike 66 , top notch Bruce ! much enjoying.
+1 March 07 2016 23:54:15 HiFiFlutes Psycho
Thanks HiFi... I love it here... but had to catch up on some real world stuff... sorry for the late reply :)
March 06 2016 22:27:27
Wow this is high grade top notch music in perfection. I would instantly buy a ticket for your show. A warm sommer night at a lake with this music. Wonderful!!! I was a little disapointed only 8 minutes 😀 It could last forever.
+1 March 07 2016 23:53:06 Mike_66 Psycho
lol... well thanks Mike... a fun jam and your adds are great :)
March 06 2016 22:26:18
Killer !!
+1 March 07 2016 23:52:26 WHITEPONGO Psycho
Thank you WP... had too much fun with this :)
March 06 2016 20:49:28
Bruce, here you have outdone yourself !! This is really great !! Excellent job on the controls! Btw, cool title ;)
+1 March 07 2016 23:51:37 frankyguitar Psycho
Been so busy the last day... just getting a chance to say thanks to you guys... I appreciate your ear buddy :)
March 08 2016 05:23:40 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Okay, all fine with you. Hope I'll see you soon in town, take care my friend :)
March 06 2016 19:41:11
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 March 06 2016 20:12:47 Lenny Cowler Psycho
Thanks Lenny... going for concert jams now... lol :)
March 06 2016 19:14:52
Cool Idea Buddy. To long? NO! :D
+1 March 06 2016 19:27:41 adu Psycho
Thanks adu... I hate to keep changing it. No one will play on it for fear it will change again :) Must say, I had fun doing this. Marking the right spots and all... I got kinda lucky it didn't take all day !! Scissors and glue worked good today :)

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