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Jamming on the beat
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guitars, metal, heavy, fast


Lenny Cowler
perfect, welcome:)+1
Juan Luis
good idea, do not listen well
I think you should turn up the volume of the mixture
Thank you for your collaboration
March 08 2016 21:41:40
Juan Luis
Said I'm having a peep and noise through my broken soundcard input so I tried to take the high frequencies out.In 2 days I get my new usb microphone,hope it sounds better,thanks for the jam ! +0
March 08 2016 23:21:39
Juan Luis
Said I just made a new mix with more high,do you like it like this? +0
March 09 2016 18:07:31
Juan Luis
Juan Luis whether it is better
what matters is that you enjoy, friend.
March 09 2016 21:30:08
Juan Luis
Said I'll check your stuff more out later .I really liked to play it yeah.When I get my new microphone soon,a samson with large diaphragma,I hope to make recordingd without noise so it will sound clearer.I will certainly jam with you some more man ! +1

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