Soul Shine

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woXey310 jams
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Vintage soul is my favorite style of music, and this one gets pretty close! Great track by woXey :)

I did my best vintage p-bass impersonation with a jazz bass :)
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vintage soul


Great play👌😎+1
September 06 2017 13:35:04
jaeusm Thank you :) +1
Now for some constructive criticism. ...
Very authentic, great lines, sweet sound. ☺

Sorry can't fault it.
I played this one for my wife a while back J and then I played the version I did of this ... she said she liked them both, said yours had more of an authentic motown type feel to it, mine sounded like a rock player, playing r&b ... I guess that's about right ... haha ... just thought I'd share that. :)+2
May 13 2016 21:07:25
jaeusm My wife will only listen to music with vocals, so she's not really interested in my wikiloops contributions :)

This is the style I like playing best, and it's what I've studied and listened to the most. This track, in particular, is one of my two favorites that I've been a part of on wikiloops to date. When I first heard this template I nearly fell out of my chair because I never hear any tracks in this style that have such an authentic sound. I was really fortunate that FrankMil and Shi jumped on this one to fill it out.

As I mentioned before, I like listening to your tracks because you have a different approach than me. Your lines tend to be more flowing and continuous than mine, which are a bit more fractured and spacious. One of the things I really like about this site is that two people can play the same instrument on the same backing track and come up with very different parts. We all have different influences and experiences :)

Cool story, thanks for sharing :)
May 13 2016 23:01:32
Ernie440 Yes, the loops are great and it is very interesting. I love listening to others to see what they come up with. I really think it's a good opportunity to improve a lot quicker than playing alone or with the same people all the time in a band, although, it can be good, depending, haha. Yeah women, they like the singing! I think that's pretty common... :) Yeah, this became quite the tune with Frank's guitar and Shi's great vocals. Nice .. I 72447 too. Good stuff broski :D +3
excellent bass line, great play..sweet tone, really enjoy this Jaeusm!+1
March 14 2016 16:51:18
jaeusm Thank you! +0
What a solid bass line. Perfect grove for this track. Very professional and not overplayed. excellent work!+1
March 13 2016 02:18:07
jaeusm Thanks! It was a lot of fun :) +0
I jumped on your tree and almost forgot to tell you how great this bass work is. Must give credit where it is due :)+1
March 13 2016 00:06:36
jaeusm Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :) +1
sweet bass ride+1
March 12 2016 20:51:39
jaeusm Thanks, man :) +1
super soft soul basse+1
March 12 2016 18:42:00
jaeusm Thanks! +0
March 12 2016 18:40:36
jaeusm Thanks! +1
While shi makes them sing your bass line make people nod and dance. What better compliment can go to a soulful bass player?+1
March 12 2016 07:25:31
jaeusm Thanks, I appreciate that :) +0

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