Red Sand - SJD

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Such a solid track already with a great groove by all, had me to try a little on this one, added a little guitar and solo bout mid to end, picking around the already awesone guitar by Rockdevil,, Again well done by all and hope added a little to it. Thank you


August 08 2016 23:29:04
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal SJD. bom trabalho

July 16 2016 23:43:49
texassontexasson You're such a great talent on guitar! Texas pride brother!
+1 July 16 2016 23:59:41 texassonSJD
Hey Thanks bro, do appreciate that !!!!
April 14 2016 06:40:31
JDFJDF I missed this somehow. Nice leads SJD! Very cool. Look forward to hearing more from you :)
+1 April 15 2016 00:43:40 JDFSJD
My friend, Thanks for the kind words, this track I will say was nervous a bit putting out there as felt was stepping a bit here and there, I truly enjoy the work on this by all and be lying to say isn't in my truck now as I'm jamming to The Red Sand everyday!!! :)
March 11 2016 12:02:06
RelativityRelativity Primo add!
+1 March 12 2016 16:04:07 RelativitySJD
Thank you, truly glad you dug it..
March 11 2016 11:23:14
PeixePeixe Great job. Super track!!! Congratulations for all:
+1 March 12 2016 16:06:46 PeixeSJD
Thanks, I agree from the start was solid, again well done by all.
March 11 2016 08:06:33
GirardGirard Sweet, I love this template from Piper. Always makes for a great jam.
+1 March 12 2016 16:09:47 GirardSJD
Agree 100%, really fine groovy stuff for sure from the start. Thx
March 11 2016 03:22:04
mpointonmpointon An add with soul and a sense of space. You know how to add atmosphere without taking over. Top add!
+1 March 12 2016 16:15:29 mpointonSJD
Thank you very much for the words, still a newbie here for sure, but learning everyday here!! Thanks again!
March 11 2016 03:01:25
TofzegritTofzegrit Yessssss !
+1 March 12 2016 16:22:06 TofzegritSJD
Thank you sir, had to try a little for sure,, really enjoyed this track.
March 11 2016 02:54:10
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice fills and end solo!
+1 March 12 2016 16:23:41 akethesnakerSJD
Greatly appreciate that my friend, Thank you
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