Footprints of 4 (OliVBee remix)

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Thanks to OliVBee for doing this super cool and high-def remix. Wonderful work, and I'm proud to have tones flowing side by side with the great musicians on this track, nicely done.


March 14 2016 11:39:45
aleonzaleonz You Jaz! you always have that special way to serve the stunning performance on the track...
+1 March 14 2016 15:39:53 aleonzjaz100
Very nice, thank you Alice.
March 12 2016 03:08:55
mpointonmpointon Shi and Marc sum it up perfectly: an utter treat and delight. The soul, the feel, the understanding of the track is your mark of musicianship. So wonderful to hear your add blended in. I can only give one thumb. I'd give 100 for this.
+3 March 12 2016 03:16:43 mpointonjaz100
Wow, thank you so much for such kind words. I will be in a very good mood for a very long time after such a powerful compliment! Now ... how to fit my head through the doorway? :-)
March 11 2016 21:22:55
MarceysMarceys Another treat for the ears! Man your playing is supercool! Love it all the way and your sound is mixed in just the way it should! :) :)
+2 March 12 2016 03:24:59 Marceysjaz100
Thanks Marc. It is a good life when you you have the support of an artist you really respect (you!). OliVBee's mixing here is just outstanding, such a nice gift.
March 11 2016 20:22:16
ShiShi oh my and isn't this just a delight :) fab trumpet sounds jaz and I love all the layers and how everything sparkles in the mix too ! many thumbs :)
+2 March 12 2016 03:27:41 Shijaz100
Thank you Shi, it is a real treat to be on this track with you! Your vocals are fantastic.
March 11 2016 20:21:06
TieftönerTieftöner Very nice, great trumpet,like salt in a soup :)
And the other instrumets and voice are also wonderful.

March 11 2016 17:04:52
RelativityRelativity Great job!

March 11 2016 16:48:14
MidoruMidoru Great - always excited to to see a post by you because I know the quality will be outstanding.

March 11 2016 16:35:11
AlbyAlby Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Now is the top!!

March 11 2016 16:33:40
titititi A magnificent instrument for a magnificent play...
Bravo Jeff ! :)

March 11 2016 16:33:25
OliVBeeOliVBee your track was such a breeze to mix in ! so much fun ! and i am proud to have you on this one !! ;) wonderful track !


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