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Glad to be home again....

Got so many things going on lately, really miss you all & this place!

Play a little key, make a little beat, do vocals, leave a long clean line in the middle.

Need more keys, or others synth, bass, guitar, etc etc..

PS; Drumless or beatless track in HD

Hope you join me :) and of course I hope you like it :)

Thank you for listening :)


April 04 2016 09:16:53
kennyadrykennyadry I can't believe I almost miss this!!! Oh thanks to Uncle TOF"S add. I can't believe I am the 40th thumb :O
+1 April 04 2016 12:04:15 kennyadryaleonz
hah! I missed a lot of stuff sometimes, thank you so much Brother!
April 03 2016 23:55:38
WadeWade OK, you can do disco! Not everyone's preferred style, but hopefully we are all listening to the creativity and quality...which is well up to your standards of excellence.
+1 April 04 2016 12:03:24 Wadealeonz
I have that soft spot for disco stuff even when I was still in a rock/metal band, my late band mates always laughing what I listened in my walkman, when they see me growled on stage hahahha what a great old day , thank you so much Wade
April 03 2016 21:56:20
frenziefrenzie Great this song has grown so nice with the remixes :) you got a cure studio I saw the pic :)
+1 April 04 2016 11:58:37 frenziealeonz
Thank you Frenzie, yeah always great to hear how people decorate our track with their colors, always makes me feel so happy :) hahah yeah I put all my silly things around my work place, it's give me a very great mood all the time :)
April 03 2016 21:29:34
frankyguitarfrankyguitar I'm always impressed from your fab output Alice!! Really super dance music ! :)
+1 April 04 2016 11:56:33 frankyguitaraleonz
Thank you so much Franky! it's always fun to make a dance music, like enjoying the club by my self :)
March 16 2016 17:35:35
mpointonmpointon Fantastic song, Alice. Some fabulous '80s/'90s crossover vibes going on here. No drums on the HD version, you say? Hmmmm.... :)
+1 March 17 2016 12:01:26 mpointonaleonz
Hah! I'm one of that 80's 90's kid, I'm not that good fan of edrums, so YES YES YES please please...do something to execute the song *crossing my finger you wanna stab this one*
March 14 2016 22:15:51
AKchenAKchen so cute song :)
+2 March 17 2016 11:57:37 AKchenaleonz
Thank you Andrea!
March 14 2016 08:45:41
famineenimfamineenim Very nice
+1 March 14 2016 09:26:14 famineenimaleonz
Thank you Fami!
March 14 2016 05:53:12
SlonMusicSlonMusic Superb :D
+1 March 14 2016 09:26:05 SlonMusicaleonz
Thank you Steve
March 14 2016 02:51:01
sdmaudiosdmaudio Wow! Great track! :)
+1 March 14 2016 09:25:55 sdmaudioaleonz
Thank you so much SD
March 13 2016 15:57:16
bleymehlbleymehl :D:D:D
+1 March 13 2016 21:08:54 bleymehlaleonz
Hi B! thank you so much for the smiles

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