Through Mothers Eyes

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Stef401 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
United States


Psycho760 jams Supporter
+ 29
I can only attempt to accompany the great sax by Mark on this remarkable work by Stef =)


March 14 2016 03:39:01
Nice solo from the heart!

March 13 2016 12:16:00
you sing your heart out so wonderful with so great feeling and emotion Big Psy!
+1 March 13 2016 14:23:49 aleonz Psycho
Thank you Big Al... "Music"! You know as well as anyone what it means and does to the soul. This track will stick with me forever. I appreciate all your nice compliments gal :)
March 13 2016 10:53:35
Great feeling, great sensitivity, great sound ... Thank you my dear Bruce for this wonderful contribution! :)
+2 March 13 2016 14:20:43 Stef Psycho
What can I say Stef? I know Mark played his heart out because he lost his Mother. I read your dedication and details do not matter. You wrote a beautiful piece and to be a part of it definitely came from the heart. I lost my Father not long ago... and while my Mother is still with us... my thoughts become less selfish. I want to thank you my friend for that :)
March 13 2016 14:55:18 Stef Stef
My Mother is still here but very suffering for health problems. I will listen to her these tracks and I know that she will be happy because she love music, and thanks to her, that made so many sacrifices, I could study the piano. So I think it is right that this song is dedicated to her, but I would like to extend a dedication to all Mothers, and especially to those who, with their disappearance have left a huge void. Thanks again Bruce! :)
March 13 2016 09:26:35
Very very good Bruce! Very emotional, impressive playing!
+1 March 13 2016 14:12:14 frankyguitar Psycho
Thank you very much my good friend... such a wonderful track by Stef and Mark... I could not pass it up :)
March 13 2016 09:22:02
Super :)
+1 March 13 2016 14:10:25 titi Psycho
Thank you titi... I really enjoyed being a part of this one :)
March 13 2016 08:47:18
Good one Bruce :)
+1 March 13 2016 14:08:25 adu Psycho
Thanks adu... just hearing the track made it easy to express my feelings :)
March 13 2016 08:27:20
Great job by all and a very impressive lead Bruce!
+1 March 13 2016 14:07:01 KMstar Psycho
Thanks Ken... this music has opened MY eyes :)
March 13 2016 18:27:23 KMstar KMstar
Sounds like it did that to your ears too brother, you did a great job on it
March 13 2016 07:54:09
I love this beautiful tone so much and great playing Bruce :):):)
+1 March 13 2016 14:05:06 Keiton Psycho
:) Yes my friend... I thank you so much. I'm not sure I would have been so swift with this, but you had already pointed it out to me and I was primed to go after hearing the wonderful sax work by Mark :)
March 13 2016 15:06:52 Keiton Keiton
In fact, my tears couldn't stop listening to this song. I could do was listen. I took to once playing the guitar before to tell you. But at that time I wanted to listen to what you played. I think everyone did a great performance each who joined in this song. Someday I would like to secretly play when I can face with this song. Thank you for letting me hear the beautiful solo my friend :)
March 13 2016 07:28:53
great guitar sound! Psy ... well done! ;)
+1 March 13 2016 14:02:04 jjdf Psycho
Thanks jj... the emotion ran high on this track. I knew I wanted to try it but it wasn't until I heard Mark's sax that I jumped right in sooner than expected :)
March 13 2016 07:14:34
Sweet feel brother!
+1 March 13 2016 13:59:47 texasson Psycho
Thanks Tex... I'm a prime candidate for these, maybe because I am an emotional player and strive to make that guitar feel it too :)

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