Dating in the Moonlit

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This song is a Japanese woman was composed. She asked a guitar track to me. My guitar sound to the left room. I have heard wonder the Japanese melody. Because I don't know most of the Japanese song. Everyone would be so. It doesn't need the Thumb to this. I want to hear your impressions :) If you want to add something to this it is possible :)
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Japanese, , Anime, Samurai, Sushi, Fujiyama, Ichiro, Godzilla


soz mate,can only stand about 10 secs of this style music+1
March 13 2016 19:24:09
Keiton Understand you very well, This song I entered somewhere in the shop comes out to immediately outside When I hear at high volume :) +1
very different sound kei but cool :)+1
March 13 2016 19:20:05
Keiton I'm shy little when I listen to this:) Thank you Shi, :D +0
this sounds very good Kei,your guitarsound is cool with the flanger :)
are you gonna upload the vocals as wel?
cool tune!
March 13 2016 16:37:40
Keiton Hmm, this is complete for me. Maybe requester will sing:) That's right I used the flanger. Sometimes is not bad to step into other genres. I always goes back to the origin of the Blues:) Thank you Tom. +1
wow, very cool Track Kei ;o)+1
March 13 2016 15:11:31
Keiton Thanks very much Ulo :) +0
Very good fitting, a second track with your guitar on the right a little quieter might sound very good. Super Job Kei :)+1
March 13 2016 15:23:42
Keiton Thank you adu, This song was the unknown world for me. You know, I have to play in favor of blues and rock. I did not hesitate when been asked me to play this guitar. Flanger effect to the distortion sound. Are you in this will to hear the Japanese style melody? +0
great Kei :)+1
March 13 2016 15:24:04
Keiton Thank you so much abu :) +0
I think it is a great fit .. overall sounds great+1
March 13 2016 15:25:13
Keiton I'm really glad that you like it. Thank you so very much axe :) +1
March 13 2016 16:14:16
axenvocs 良いリズム +1
March 13 2016 16:39:11
Keiton ありがとう、アクセン!!:) +1

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