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very clicheed. MusicMaker's Revolta trance lead, pads, BassMachine sub leads, BeatBox, Vandal, no samples
check 3:40

this one is the first selfmade Trance-Art i did 7 years ago, after i found the midi editor. finally. pure trancelead + overpowered drums & sub. got lots of edits, fixes, origins are lost in space. rdy for vocals. any influence. off BlackMetal
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hardtrance, IDM, electronica, experimental,


Yess \m/+1
March 17 2016 18:46:08
SupJax :V +1
BÄM!! This is great heavy electronic stuff!!+1
March 17 2016 18:47:01
SupJax ;p +1
great - the comments too :) ;)+1
March 17 2016 18:47:37
SupJax way offtopic :D +1
another hard rave here mate!!! Tuesday party hard :D+1
March 15 2016 19:40:56
SupJax oh. already that late? :D +2
March 15 2016 20:37:42
SupJax metalers comments only \o/ xD +2
Lenny Cowler
good track:), by the way "EMPEROR" is my favorit Black metal group:)+2
March 15 2016 18:29:58
Lenny Cowler
SupJax :P +3
March 15 2016 20:07:27
Lenny Cowler
Guadaña That's ok... my favourite black metal "group" is Burzum (Don't like his way of thinking, but his music is amazing) and maybe Hellhammer, Abigor and old Ulver :D +2
March 15 2016 20:11:22
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler I know this group, Hellhammer is very old but good I like their later playing in Celtic frost:) +2
March 15 2016 20:13:08
Lenny Cowler
Guadaña Celtic frost is a great band... such original mate. I also like Venom, the three first recordings of Venom are just a heavy jewel, but I consider them more like a speed o early thrash metal band. +1
March 15 2016 20:18:23
Lenny Cowler
SupJax Abbath @@ +2
March 15 2016 20:18:34
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler yes CF is great,I love old albums of Venom until "Eine kleine nachtmusic" in the eighties absolute bomb, also Bathory they were amazing. Thrash metal bands positively Sodom, Destruction,Kreator:) +3
March 15 2016 20:22:43
Lenny Cowler
Guadaña Sodom is killer, and the other two too of course. I really love old MetallicA and Megadeth too. +3
March 15 2016 20:25:13
Lenny Cowler
SupJax nah wait. a buddy from my old work station [music label Al!ve :P] made a record. shredding leads. belongs to thrash i guess. but vocalist drifts into power/black very good. listening to it since years. neighborhood metal \m/
[url=http://www.musicline.de/de/player_flash/4042564007749/0/7/50/product]CP24 Capital Punishment 24[/url] World Between the Lines. recommended. ask for album if want :V
March 15 2016 20:41:41
Lenny Cowler
Guadaña Sounds great!! +3

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