Narcissistic Psychodynamic

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In the process of changing the rubber heads on my Yamaha E-kit to mesh .Just about over the tech part still modifying trigger setup ,anyhow to play on mesh has a learning curve.Fantastic song guys all this KaBoom in one package . Enjoyed much . G


March 18 2016 00:06:55
RelativityRelativity Fantastic! The drums sound great! Thanks Shticks!
+0 March 18 2016 22:12:31 RelativityDrumshticks
Great to have a lead bass on board so much fun with Andy West playing.
March 16 2016 16:55:57
GuadañaGuadaña Mega cool drums!!

March 16 2016 16:45:51
TofzegritTofzegrit Come onnnn!
Crazy drumming shticks... Serious Furious track!!

+0 March 18 2016 22:18:07 TofzegritDrumshticks
Now wasn't this a lot of fun. If there's a pocket I try not to stay in it. Thanks G
March 16 2016 16:40:29
FunkystanFunkystan Hey Drumshticks! Shoulder pain is behind you for sure ^^ Great to listen to drums on this track. M. Rel' has uploaded it wondering what a drummer's job could be on his track... Energic play on drums, it brings a new dimension... This track with Tof's add and your is turning to a very interesting and special piece... Great job. Love your snare sound ^^
+0 March 18 2016 22:22:31 FunkystanDrumshticks
Funk rock probably has to be the most fun for drummers two competing ideas coming at once. The meshow head has allowed me to really open up. Still working on the problems with head tension and trigger cone design. Absolutely great work from you guys really enjoy this. G
March 18 2016 22:30:45 FunkystanFunkystan
A pleasure to listen to you on this... I was just playing with M. Rel' when doing this (Which is already a fun moment^^) Gonna grab a CD and play it loud ^^
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