Narcissistic Psychodynamic Drummer

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What a fantastic slab of ultra funk from Relativity! There were two ways to approach this: 1) join in the lunacy 2) play dead straight through it I, predictably, went for 1). Sorry about that. I kinda wanted that relentless busy beat to back up the busy bass. It tried to keep the beat steady and constant without *too* many fills - a steam train of rhythm if you will. I hope it's had the desired effect. If it hasn't, you can take ...


This is rockin'!!! Loving the funky interplay, way to hold down the groove, MP!!!:W+0
More lunacy for sure Mr P.......great fills executed- wonderful dynamics - cool sound - in the groove, tight and outa sight!
Bravo 👌👏
and now the drums by martin woooooooooooo :)+0
Mpointon- A year and a half ago, I did this while experimenting with some new effect pedals. At that time , i had alot of personal upheaval and had to quickly put my entire home recording studio into storage and leave to another state. A year and half later...last weekend , in anticipation to returning to the Loops after all this time,I relistened and im just blown away by everyones contribution to this track and your drumming is superb. Paradiddles and all. I cant possibly thank you enough for what you contributed to this.I cant. Your one of the finest drummers I ever had the pleasure to play with albeit even if its on the internet but the bass/drummer/rhythm syncopatico that happens in a group dynamic is just as thrilling non the less. I understand you are overseas, as im in North Carolina now, but please realize you have a steak dinner coming should you suddenly find yourself stateside in my area. Im anticipating a return to the Loops soon and I never got to fully appreciate this track until now and Im just very grateful for where you took what was essentially just an experiment. Your playing is fantastic and completely sets the baseline here on a fantastic rollercoaster ride. Thanks man!+1
I've just been reminded of this track and noticed something I didn't mention: this is why drummers learn paradiddles; the entire take is basically made of them between the hi-hat and snare.+1
Major 3rd
Shweeeeet! perfect drum add to relativity's epic bass stomp! cheers+0
Spot on+1
WOW ...just WOW.+1
March 18 2016 01:40:27
mpointon Thanks, man! I had no choice with such fantastic bass playing! Epic template, sir! +0
Well done considering the edits you went through... I would have never guessed it :)+1

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