Is Pain (bass added)

Remix step #3 (playing)
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KMstar1140 jams Supporter
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Rough still but the ideas I wanted to capture, since my playtime is short I am trying to work on the concepts more than perfect recording which I am horrible at anyway. nevermind the dozens of times I am a little behind ;) please


January 01 2017 21:49:00
francisco alfrancisco al
ótimo, KMstar. muito legal

March 18 2016 12:37:07
great solid line, tight play KM!

March 17 2016 23:57:07
Works good... maybe rough to you but not me :)
+1 March 18 2016 00:03:17 Psycho KMstar
Thanks Bruce!
March 18 2016 00:36:06 Psycho KMstar
I have had little time to practice anything so a lot of my noted are falling late because I cant antisipate the changes as well without several hard listens to a template first. I have been winging it just to get some ideas out of me, bass playing is good for the soul ;)
March 18 2016 00:40:41 Psycho Psycho
I know the feeling... with better weather I'm working more, less time to play :(. Still love to listen though :)
March 17 2016 19:03:33
For me it sounds very good KM! Like the way you grooved :)

March 17 2016 06:19:09
Really coooool man , excellent bass for it!!

March 16 2016 23:48:21
Love it mate!! The part the bass solo is really cool. Great work!!
+1 March 16 2016 23:52:09 Guadaña KMstar
that was a blast, you rocked that guitar my friend! I was sloppy but I know I could refine my part if we ever had real studio time
March 16 2016 23:58:37 Guadaña Guadaña
Thanx bro!! Could be great to record some tracks with a really good quiality of sound man. We could try some day by using the wav. Files at the mix.
March 17 2016 00:12:48 Guadaña KMstar
I tried to add my wav but if the file is over 60 meg it makes me upload an mp3 version which seems pointless for a rough draft
March 17 2016 00:15:05 Guadaña Guadaña
May we could use our emails. I have the same problem when uploading the HD files, they weight too much.
March 17 2016 00:22:06 Guadaña KMstar
Dropbox is a service we use for large files in my electric business. we need to look into skype or something too, would be cool to actually work out some parts
March 17 2016 00:38:38 Guadaña Guadaña
Yeah, I've got dropbox. And may we could look skype as you said.
March 16 2016 23:33:07
Great deeply sound I like this so much Ken :)
+1 March 16 2016 23:36:22 Keiton KMstar
Thanks Keiton, you opinion is always appreciated :)
March 17 2016 09:46:05 Keiton Keiton
Youre welcome:)
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