War with Time +Bass

Remix step #3 (playing)
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slynch196746 jams
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Worked on a bass line for a week for this, and then it happened, my new 5-string Ibanez arrived and I had to figure it out all over again lol. It's not super tight because I got excited and recorded it yesterday with little practice. Mixed with Pro Tools. I'm still learning my DAW and that extra string messes me up a lil but I hope you enjoy it. Maybe I'll take another shot at it after some time with the new bass.


April 30 2016 19:23:47
JeebsieJeebsie Cool! Welcome!:)

March 19 2016 06:20:34
B427B427 oh man which Ibanez? Got my eye and ear on the 655
+1 March 19 2016 06:27:45 B427slynch1967
Oh, it's a low dollar one ( Ibanez GSR205), but pretty good tone from it. Been laid up for 2 years after getting hit by a crane at work. 4 surgeries later, I'm left with nerve damage in my picking/fingers hand. But getting there
March 19 2016 06:42:46 B427B427
Oh damn man!
March 17 2016 18:11:29
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect bass line, welcome:)

March 17 2016 15:06:12
B427B427 Great man! Good job! Welcome!

March 17 2016 13:05:48
rp3drumsrp3drums Nice catchy bass line!

March 17 2016 10:09:45
OliVBeeOliVBee cool line for a punchy prog track :) welcome to wikiloops !

March 17 2016 09:12:03
frankyguitarfrankyguitar I like you bass playing here, great line !!:)

March 17 2016 08:07:43
kennyadrykennyadry Great bass playing man! Your playing is really good. :) But I hear some hissing sound, is it your amp?
+1 March 17 2016 08:14:46 kennyadryslynch1967
Thank you. Not the amp. I noticed it after bouncing the bass track over. I think it came off the original track when I bounced it and the bass to a stereo track. I'm still learning to use my DAW software, so I'll probably go back and start over.
March 17 2016 08:18:01 kennyadrykennyadry
That's okay :) Even me when I came here I was novice about recording (even until now) so learn all you can while staying here. And you can ask some pros like Olivbee or mpointon, those guys can help you in terms of recording, and you can also check the forum out! :)
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