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My beautiful wife Annette died this Easter morning. I will miss her like crazy. This is the last song I wrote for her.


December 03 2016 20:03:09
eGiLeGiL Amazing song! Sad story :( So sorry for your loss :(

October 28 2016 11:44:00

September 16 2016 13:35:57
FrankMilFrankMil That something special.

September 15 2016 17:26:20
NewbieSaxNewbieSax Man, I want to give you a hug, my friend.

You stay strong, you lucky man! You and she were lucky. (Just consider all the hapless folks that are around.) Keep the feeling. Keep the love.

+1 September 15 2016 17:29:58 NewbieSaxcody tripp
Thanks. She was quite the inspiration.
August 09 2016 03:37:40
glennpglennp Hey Tom, beautiful tribute to your wife. Thanks for sharing your music and your heart...

July 12 2016 20:12:12
francisco alfrancisco al ficou bom. bom trabalho

June 05 2016 04:35:51
WanHuWanHu I'm so sorry, Tom. I've not been around here for the past few months and would have offered my condolences earlier had I known. I love wikiloops, but you make this place, so a massive, virtual, loving hug across the Atlantic, to you and your family.

April 19 2016 17:47:53
tbrocktbrock I'v been away for a while and just read about your loss. My prayers are with you and your family. Your music inspires me to create because of a loss I went thru. Don't stop what you are doing!!!! You are my favorite here.
+1 April 19 2016 18:54:23 tbrockcody tripp
Thank you. Sorry for your loss too. It's tough but it's slowly getting better.
April 19 2016 22:01:56 tbrocktbrock
You have that special gift that most people lack. God Speed!!!
April 01 2016 02:47:14
JeebsieJeebsie I was saddened by you and your families loss Cody, my thoughts are with you mate.

March 31 2016 19:37:27
jjdfjjdf My deepest condolences Cody and for your family...


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    cody tripptbrock
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    cody tripp
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    aduLenny Cowler
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    cody trippLenny Cowler
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