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ROBJOL213 jams Supporter
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I made this with my very old classical guitar.


March 30 2016 05:24:23
jamladyjamlady in the old instruments, the soul of the musician is caught

March 21 2016 13:02:49
aleonzaleonz This guitar have a soul, when it sang the emotion and feeling just flow like a story, so beautiful Rob!
+0 March 21 2016 13:44:18 aleonzROBJOL
Well Alice, I own this classical guitar for such a long time that it is part of me. Just like me: hard to tune but gives a deep sound.
March 21 2016 14:06:58 aleonzaleonz
I once got a chance to touch my friend's old upright bass, when he asked me to polish it, it's been with him for like more than 45 years, I got goosebumps when I touched it, and my tears start to fall when i try to play it...

what I always believe (so far), an instrument that been play and got the soul from quite a journey with the one who own it, always got a story to tell and in their story lays a very deep feeling, that even a great brand new instrument can't beat it...
March 21 2016 00:40:56
frankiejazzfrankiejazz Bravo Robert, Ciao!
+1 March 21 2016 03:26:44 frankiejazzROBJOL
Thanks Franco.
March 20 2016 22:42:02
RobMRobM Nice playing as always Rob and I like the tone of your guitar. Very nice my friend :)
+0 March 21 2016 03:28:18 RobMROBJOL
This is my 44 years old classical guitar. It is the only instrument that followed me all my life.
March 20 2016 22:36:05
mandoloddamandolodda strange or a little bit out of tune:)
+0 March 21 2016 03:25:28 mandoloddaROBJOL
Thanks for the comment. I listen again carefully and try to understand what you say.
March 25 2016 00:27:28 mandoloddaROBJOL
I listened carefully and in fact I can say it is strange but not out of tune.
March 20 2016 19:23:20
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Lovely bit of music Rob :) much enjoying...

March 20 2016 18:15:19
AKchenAKchen hi Rob :) it sounds great and bit strange in a good way ... love that :)
+0 March 20 2016 18:20:44 AKchenROBJOL
I feel strange sometimes...
I like to get out of the line.
Have a nice day.
March 20 2016 18:23:22 AKchenAKchen
thank you dear Rob ... wonderful day for you too :) :)

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