Nothing In The Water

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So I am listening to this as I am playing my remix, and started laughing inside.. The title is why I am not fishing today..and the lyrics from Alice carry alot of weight with an old fisherman :) Ya only go when there's fish to be had lol

Fun stuff all :) Now I gotta go clean up my garage and get something done today :)


May 07 2016 06:23:55
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)

April 04 2016 00:32:03
WadeWade Good sound that fits this fine tune.

March 21 2016 22:21:38
RikyRiky Loving those rough notes :) such a soulful sax!

March 21 2016 08:17:27
kennyadrykennyadry :D :D :D The description you gave man completed my day. And your add just jumped on the water with nothing :) THanks a lot Fish!

March 20 2016 21:54:59
mpointonmpointon Super solo work, Fish! :) As always, bang on-the-money for me. Sweet tones, sweet melodies. Love it!

March 20 2016 20:34:55
MarceysMarceys That's a great solo Mark! Very cool sound too!
No fish in the water would be a cool title too! :)

+1 March 20 2016 21:01:21 MarceysFishinmissio
Hope you join us Marc! :)
March 20 2016 21:04:46 MarceysMarceys
I'm already in there :)
March 20 2016 21:05:36 MarceysFishinmissio
I know but you can throw more stuff in IMHO
March 20 2016 21:08:47 MarceysFishinmissio
Hint :)
March 20 2016 20:34:41
RickplayerRickplayer Nice add Mark well played always a pleasure to hear a sax in the mix
+1 March 20 2016 21:02:47 RickplayerFishinmissio
Everyone here is so talented..Love playing with all of you :)
March 20 2016 19:22:21
PsychoPsycho Sounds great Mark... you hammered this down buddy! Maybe that's why I can't fish... I never know if they are there :)
+1 March 20 2016 21:03:26 PsychoFishinmissio
After about 40 years of chasing them..Ya know when your chances are better :)
March 20 2016 18:55:51
aleonzaleonz don't know how many times i repeating your part, almost forget to write my comment hahahha, you turn the fire on that spot Mark! great feeling...ah this is just so so great....glad you join us Mark!
+1 March 20 2016 21:04:12 aleonzFishinmissio
Thanks Alice..Your words (and lyrics) always make me smile :)
March 20 2016 23:57:12 aleonzaleonz
as well as your sax play Mark :)

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