Keep Your Eyes Off My Fries

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gwailoah83 jams Supporter
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For Mrs Cody Tripp, in the hope it helps speed a faster recovery. Also thanks to Lairdy333 for the idea from his mac jam. Had to lengthen the track to fit all the lyrics, couldn't decide which bass add to add. anyone up for a remix?


March 22 2016 04:57:07
SlonMusicSlonMusic Cool song Brian!
+1 March 23 2016 08:38:23 SlonMusicgwailoah
Yep, I'm good thanks buddy, taking the days one by one and writing / recording when I can. Any new tracks in the pipeline?
March 23 2016 08:52:55 SlonMusicSlonMusic
68088 =)
March 22 2016 05:10:49 SlonMusicgwailoah
Steve! Long time! How you doing?
March 22 2016 05:12:53 SlonMusicSlonMusic
I'm fine, and U?
March 22 2016 04:19:35
cody trippcody tripp Killer !!!
+1 March 22 2016 04:21:44 cody trippgwailoah
Thank you Tom, fantastic jam from you and Glenn here. Hope your Mrs is well on the way to recovery, thoughts and prayers B
March 22 2016 04:30:06 cody trippcody tripp
Thanks . She's slowly getting better
March 21 2016 23:35:33
PsychoPsycho lol... cool. Enjoyed !!
+1 March 22 2016 04:06:35 Psychogwailoah
Thank you Brother P! Brilliant jam from Cody and the D Man was a great fit for the lyric, couldn't resist it. This site is sometimes too addictive. Cheers B
March 21 2016 21:46:29
DrumshticksDrumshticks Also goes for a burger what a hoot ,you are just too much.Inflections and timing dead on it .Thanks G
+1 March 22 2016 03:59:58 Drumshticksgwailoah
Yep, buffalo wings and the Colonel's chicken - hey, could be a whole new rock opera here. Thank you for the good words. You and Tom darn tight on this one, major props, B
March 21 2016 15:44:30
aduadu Very good , Brian :)
+1 March 22 2016 03:55:48 adugwailoah
Cheers Adu, very happy you liked the track!
March 21 2016 12:50:08
onewholeftonewholeft Ha Ha what a great version buddy love it !🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟
+1 March 22 2016 03:51:10 onewholeftgwailoah
Thank you Keith, as said great idea from you in your mac attack upload! Thing pretty much wrote itself. Cheers!
March 21 2016 12:05:25
aleonzaleonz Great singing as always Brian! really like the chorus very catchy!
+1 March 21 2016 12:18:58 aleonzgwailoah
Thanks so much Alice!
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