Nothing In The Water

Remix step #3


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Remix step #6 (playing)


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What a great track from everyone! Super grooving! Riky's bass add nailed which version I was going to go for though! Top, top playing there. Fairly standard groove but I went for a spot of Motown double snare in some of the sections as I felt it worked well with the influences going on in the track.

The mix, on the other hand, was a nightmare. I've really, really struggled to get the drums in here - I think the mass of frequencies going on in the main mix versus my drums were what was flattening my sound but it's beyond my abilities (and patience) to sort out. HD upload provided to see if anyone fancies making it better!!

Anyway, enjoy.

No reverb on HD, yadda, yadda.


March 23 2016 23:49:07
Sounds great!

March 23 2016 23:30:31
fantastic Martin

March 22 2016 18:19:14
That sounds good to me Martin! Solid track by all! My hammond doesn't need more decibels.... It is in the background were it belongs....
+1 March 23 2016 23:50:24 Marceys Zamzam
You show up fine here in the studio.
March 22 2016 14:56:51
Well done. Very clean song now 🎶

March 22 2016 08:05:47
Woah!!! THis thing has been waiting for you man! But its worth every minute of wait from you :D This is totally awesome right here!!

I am with Riky on Marcey's keys, I can barely just hear it!

+2 March 22 2016 10:03:21 kennyadry mpointon
Thanks, Kenny. See my reply to Alice as to why Marc's low in the mix. Hoping to sort a nice shiny remix out soon. :)
March 22 2016 04:17:05
Nice! in your wheelhouse...

March 22 2016 00:18:01
This is a super jam!
Many thumbs to all... :)

March 21 2016 22:27:06
I would've hit the replay button like a madman if it existed haha!

It's matching the bassline so well, it brings such a solid foundation

I would put Marceys a bit higher in the mix, it got a little lost in the background :)

+1 March 22 2016 10:00:18 Riky mpointon
Thanks, Riky - great bass work. It's what drove this take for me.

I only used the MP3 for the backing mix so had no control over levels. Not all the stems had HD options and I hadn't the time to make sure all the individual stems lined up and didn't phase!

Alice has offered her stems so I'll go for a remix asap. :)
March 21 2016 22:06:16
Sounds really great Martin... I quit uploading HD tracks on most things due to the space they use on the servers (I can't get the site to load tracks very fast anymore as it stands). If you or anyone ever needs an HD track, just let me know. The mix sounds pretty good as it stands. Very well done... sounds way cool buddy :)
+1 March 22 2016 10:02:41 Psycho mpointon
Thanks, Psycho! As I said to Alice, I'll take you up on your offer of the stems. Drop me a PM and I'll sort a remix out.
March 21 2016 21:28:41
Mannnn! that is just so dang good! Motown it is ! I haven't thinking about it before! well agree with Oli, it's a hell of job without the sep tracks, if there is anyone wanna try to mix, I would be happy to give my stems :) This is sounds so great Martin, so so happy you finally join us :)
+1 March 22 2016 10:01:47 aleonz mpointon
Thank you, Alice. An utter joy this track was to play. I'll take you up on the offer of the stems - drop me a PM and I'll try and get a good remix going! :)
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